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Burnside's Order Revoked

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v hen it was announced, on Friday morninir last, that tho President had revoked the order of den. Burnsidu sup pressing the Chicago Times, the country breathed frecr ; for not only did it announce that a conflict bctween the judïciary and military authonties was postponed, at least a little longer, but that the head of the nation was yct undisposcd to shackle a free press. The principie at stak e was a dcar one, none other than the very ex'steneo of tho newspaper press of the country. We say the vory existence, for if Gen, Burnside, by a dasb. of his pen, can to-day suppress one paper, some other General may suppress another to-morrow, and not for the of any law of the land, but for offenso given to somebody mis-adorncd with epaulc'ctes' We discusscd this matter in our last as fully as is our desirc at present, and at this writing have ouly to eay that we hope that hereaftcr Oen. Burnside, and all other Generáis, will turn their attention to the rebels in front, and leave publio opinión and the civil law to deal with real or íancied enemies in the rear. - The order of suppression having been revokcd, the application made to Judge Drummond, for an injunction against the interreuce of the military authorities with the Times, was withdrawn. J5S" Tbe Detroit Advertiser and Trib une don't like the revoking the order of Gen. Burnside, suppressing the Chicago Times, and threatens "a violent remedí," if a stopper is not put on the mouths of those who censuro any of the nicasures of tho Aulministration. The Tribune should rememberthat administrations are not always the same, and that the stopper may change mouths to-morrow - at least unloss it is legally applied. A man who will clamor for tho right of generáis or Presiden ts to shackle the pres?, rogardlesa of all law, is a disgrace to the fraternity of editors, and fit ouly for the tooi of demagogues and déspota.


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