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The Work Of Enrolling The Two

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military classes under tho nalional forco bill is t.ow ie progresa n this State. We nctico thnt tlio local enroll'ing offieers commeneed thoir labora on Mondiiy last, and onderstand that tho enrollment is to bo coinplotud and returns made vithin fifloen daye, and presuma a draft will immediately follow. Humor says tliis county will be called on for about 400 men. JC3P" A-t the recent session of tko Supromo Court a decisión was made which is of considerable irpportaaoe. The' Court deoided - Judge Campbell dissenting - that wheu a State and local elección aro held on the samo day, and bv tho same officers, two ballot boxea being usert, as required by tho law, that tlio Board should count ballots whieh are founJ in the wrong box tho me as thouijh they had been eorrcotly deposited by tho Inspeetors. We have no doubt that this decisión is cquitably right howevcr Iawyers may dillcr as to its strictly legal corroütucss. JL2Lr A tai-ge number of of high grade were killed and wouude'ï in the reoeut desperate attaek upon Port Hudsou. Aniong tho wounded were Generáis T. W. Siieiïman and Neal Dow. 1 ■ i mi i 1 1 1 OP In New York, on Wudnesclay, i Gold dcclined to 140. Sterling ex change dull and lower; iirst class bilis j 153 at 15432. Government stocks firm, aod in good demand.


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