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Philadklphia, Juno 8. A dispatcli to tbe Bulletin, dated Cincinnati, aays the Commercial publishes a letter dated June 3d, whicli gives the following iuteresting particulars : Geu. Osterhaus is on the west side of Black Iliver Bridge with bis entire división, watching Gen. Joe Johnston, who appearcd thern on the lst and second instant, with 5,000 iufantry and some artillery. Shots were exchanged, and the rebels retired. Gen. Joe Johnston is said to havo 10,000 men, poorlj armed and deficiënt in artillery. There is no probability of his being able to help Pemberton. The gunboats ran up to Yazoo City several days ago and destroyed much property. Several rebel transports were seen up the Sunflower and Tallahatchie, whieh temporarily esoaped. Communioatiou with Gen. Banks is kept open. On the Louisiana shore guerrillas ini íest the región betvveen Lake Providence and Grand Gulf with irapunity. The government plantations are seleeted for attaek. One hundred negroes have been drawn oiF or hung. Every negro with a Federal uniform on is mercilessly suspended to the nearest tree. The formidable batteries along the Mississippi, on the first line abovo the water batteries, are all silenced, save one at the extreme upper part of Vicksburg. It mounts two beavy guns and two 28pounders. The rebel battery on Forward Hill is composed of six guns of very heavy calibre. The Federáis have mountcd heavy guns in front of the battery, diagonally at that point. Dispatches to the Associated Press. New York, June 9. The PosCs New Orleans correspondeneo saysfears are entertained that Gen. Neal Dow will uot recover. The Washington Star, of last evening says : " We do not feel at liberty to pubiish details of the latest information received here from the vicinity of Vicksburg, inasmuch as by so doing we might promúlgate facts, the knowledge of which might aid the enemy's resistance of Grant's army. SufEce it to say that we are satisfied that there is very late information here from that quarter of aa entirely satisfactoay character. Grant is progressing well with his work." Advices have been received in Pittsburg, Pa., to the effect that Major-Gene' ral Frank J. Heron has left St. Louis for bolow with a largo forcé. He left St. Louis with his full staff on Thursday eveuing last. The Tribune has letters from its correspondent stating that up to May Sist the siega of Vicksburg was progressiug admirably and famine was beginning to teil upon the foe. The capture or surrender of the place was considered eertain, and that speedily. Our forees are in fine spirits, and our guns within pistol-shot of the enemy's works. All apprehensions of an attaek upon our rear by Jackson are groundless. - We hold all the passes from Vicksburg, aud have completely blockaded them against any possible advance.


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