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THE ALL SUFFICIBWT THREB. THE REAT "AMERICAN BEHEDIE&, linown ns " Hclmbold's " GENUINE PREPABATIOKS, VI E; HEI.MBOLD'S EXTRACT " BUCHr " helmb:üld's GENUINE PPEPARATION, "HIGIILY COBfCK.MTRATED COMPOUXD FLUID EXTRACT BUCHü, A Poaitive an3 Specific Remedy, For Diseasos uf tbe BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL ANB DROP3I0AL SWELLIKGS. Tbis Medicine increascs the pmrer of Dieestion and excites tbe ABSORBENT3 into lif.ln ,V ,. '(?e""0D' ,anJ HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BÜCHU KOR WEAKNESSES Arising from Excesos, Habita of Dissipaüon, Early Indisorotion, or Abuse, ATTENDED WITH THE FOLLOWJXO SYMTOMS : Indisposition to Kxertion, Lossof Power Losa of Memory, Diflkulty of Brcathiug We ik Nérvea, Tmnbliiip, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness Pimness of Vision. Pain in the Back Lmvorsal Lusitade of the Kluliing of the Body. Muscular Sïstem, Eruptions on the Face. Hot Hand, l'allkl Countenance iiryness of tbe Skin. These syraptoms, if allowed to go on, which thi medicine invariably removes, soon follow IMP0TENCY.F4.TUITY EPILEPTIC FITS. Ie one of which the patiënt may expii e. Who can sa that theyare njt frequently followed by tbose "direfui diseases," Insanity and Consumption Many areawareof the cause of their sufiTerini; but none will confoss. Tbe records of tbc insane AsïIimi and the melancholy doath by Consumption, beárampie wituesti to tho trufh of tKe assertion. THE COXSTITU1TOX, ON'CE AÍFECTBD WITH 0R-. GANIC VJEAKXE=8, Reqnirc the aid of medicine to strengthi-n nnd in viir irate tbe tf stam, which HELM P.OLV'S EXTRACT BUi.HU invariably does. A trial will conviDce the most skeptical. Females, Females, Females, OLD OR YOUNG, SIXGI.E, MAR1UED, OR CON TEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many affections peculiar to Females the Extract Bucbu is unequalled by any other remedy, as ia Chlorosis or Retcntion, Irregularity, Painfulness or buppression of the Customary Evacuations. UlceráteA or gshirroiu state of the Uterus, Leucorrhea or V. mtes, Stenhty, and for all complainls incldeut to the sex, whethararlsina from lndiscretion, Habits of Disi. pation, or in the Decline or Chango of Lifo. SES SV2I1T0MS 1ÏOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no Balsam, Mercury, or Unplcasant Medicine for Lnpltasant and Dangerous Diseases. UELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHÜ CURES Secret Diseases. In all thoir stages ; at little expense ; little or no changí in diet ; no incouvenience, AND NO EXPOSURE. _ It causes frequent desire, and gives strength to Urinate, thereby removing obstructions, preventin ar.d curmgStrictures of the ürelhra, allaying pain and inflammation, so frequent in this c:ass of diseases, and expelling P01S0N0US, DISEASED AND H'ORX OUT MATTER. Thousands upon Thousands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF QUACKS, And who have paid HEAVY FEBS tobe curedina short time, have found tliey were'locoived,and that tho "Poisou" has,by the use of "Puwerful Astringeat' been dried up in the sy.stem, to break out in an agravated form, and PJEHII.1PS A fier MARKIAGE. uTE Helmbold's Extract Buchu For all Affections and DiaMM of TJae XJrinary Organs Whelher existing in MALE OR FEMALES, from whatever cause originating, and no matter OF EtOfT LONG STANDING. Diseases of these Organs require the aid of a Diurktic. Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS THE GBEAT DIURETIG, Aud it ia certain to have tbe deaired effect in all PiHtMS, for which it i.s rccommendud, BLOOD ! BLÖÖD ! BLOOD! Helmbold's Higbly Concenlrated Compound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. This n an af(Vct:on of the Blood, and attacks tb Sexuil Organs, Unixwfi of the Noao, Ears, Tbroat, Win'lpipe, 11 nd other Mucus Surfaces, making its ap]earance in the form of Ulcera. Helmbold's Exk.aek Sarsaparilla purifies the Binod, and remove t all Seal ƒ Erüptionfl of tlie Skin. irivinpr to the Compleinp a Clear and Healtliv Color. Il beinjr prepared ejirtssly for this class of complaiut?, its Blood-curifyJQg Properties are preserved to a greater extent tJüan au other preparation of SarsapftrtlHu Helmbold's Rose Wash. An excellent Lotion for Dise.ises of n Sypliiltic Nature, and as an injectifn in Diseases of the Urinary Organs, arising from habits of dissipalion, used in connectioo witti the Extracts Iïuchu and Siti-saparilla, in such diseases as recommendeil . Kvidence of the most responsible and reliablechacacter will accompany the medicines. CERTIFÍCATE OF CURE?, From eight to tivontv years standing, witli name known to SCIEWCS AND FAME, For Medical Proper tiesof BUCHU, see Iispensatcyy of tlie United States. See Professor UEWEES' valuable works on the l'ractice of Phy.Mc. See remarks made bv tbo Iale eelebrated J)r. FEYSICK, Philadelphia. .See remarks made by Dr. EPHRATM McDOWELL, a eelebrated Physician, and Member of the lïoyal College of SurgeonR, Ireland, and published in the Transactions of the King&Bd Qiieen's Journal. See .rodico-CirurgicaI Review, published bv BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Felluw of the lioyal Colleg of Surgconr See most of the late Standard Worka on Medicine. Extract Rrnu', $1 CO PB iwTrLE, or sjx for f5 00 " SABSAPAHir.LA 1 0Ü ; ;i 5 00 Improveü Hosk WJSH, 50 " t( 2 50 Or half a dozen of eaob f"r $12 Oí, which will b? sutfi: cient to Dure the most obstinate cases, i? directiens arfl adhered to. Delivered to auy address, securely packedfrom ob-. ser va ti on . Pescribo symptom.ï in all coraniuncati9ii5.rt Cures guarantced. Advice gratis. A F F 1 1 A A I T . Personally appeared before mean Alderman oí ttft city of PhUftdelph'a,H. T. Hei.mrolp, who, being dul sworn, doth sav, lu'a prcimrations contain no narcotic, no mercury, or other injurious drugs, but are purely vegetable. H T. HKLMaOLD. Sworn and subscribed boforo me, this 23(3 day of Novembtr, 1854. W.M. 1'. III1ÍBARD. AMerinan, Ninth-sf reet, above Race, Phila. Address letters for Enrormatiflo In coniidence. H. T. HBLMBpLD, Chemist " Depot 104 South Tenth-street,below Chestnut, Phila. BEWARE OF rOUNTERFEITS ANP UNPRlN'CirLEP DEALER8, Who ppdearor to dispose OFTIIEIR OyvX and 'fothr" utlolraoatbft ipputationattained by líelmbold's Genuino J'repamtions, l " Extract Buchu, i " " SarsapapiJJa., 'f ' ' Imprnved fiose M'ash. BoW by iïll Prnirgists cvn wht'rt1. ASK FOR S-TAKENO OTHER. Cut out th nlvcrtfnint, nnd srrd for it, 4ïiD A VOID IMPOSITJpN AND EXPOSURE. ly908.


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