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A CARD TO THS LADIES. DR. DUPONCÖ'S GOLDEN riLLS FOK FEMALES. Infallible in correctlng, regulating and removing all ubstructiüiis, ti-oni whatever cause, and alvtfya sucoessfulae a preitentíve Tlic combi nat ion of ingrediënt a in Dr. Du pon co 's Golden Pilla for Femalea are perfectly haralesa. They have been used in the private practico of Dr. Duponco over 30 years,and thuusnnds of ladlea can testify to their great and never failing aucoeaa In almost every case incorrectnig irreularities, leüeving painful aml distressiug inonstmatioii, purticularly at the ehanga Of Ufe. From five to ten pillswill cure that oommon yet dreadful cuuiplaint, the Whitea Nearly every feinale in the land buSbth fit m t!üs oomplaint. Tlie above PiU has permanent ly cured thousands, and tliey willoure jou ïfyou use thera. They can notharm you" on the conlrary, they remove all obfltruetïOM, re store nature to its proper chanael, and invigorate the whole system. I.adies wliose hoalth will imt permii an aerease of i'amüy, will find these plH a sswcessful preventive. Ladies peculiarly situated, or those supposing thMnselres noj sKouid oioi use these Pilla during the firart tliree monihs, as they are certain to produce miscarriagt, "after which admonition" the proprietor assumes no responsibility, although their mildness will prevent an injury to health. ïhe ingrediente coinposing the above Pilla are umde known to every Agent, and they will teil you they are safe and wil] perform all claimed lor th-em. PrJce SI per box Sold in ANNARBOR, by STEBBTN3 WILRON", Pruggist, W. A. HUNT, teuggfst. Ladies living at a dïstance by Bonding them $1,00 through the Ann Arbor Postoflice, can have the Pilla sent (con(identially) by mail, tv a,ny part oí the country f ree of poatagö. N.B. --Beware of a base counterfeit of these Pilis. - You can buy the counterfeit avticle at any pricefrora 25 to 76 cents a box (dcar at that) . Ladibs your livea and health are of too raucli value to be trifled with, bêsides being Imposed apon with a worthlesa axtlcle. Therefore, any ons offering you thesoPflís for lesa thantla box, avoïdthem as you would poison. They are bogus. None aregenuine unless the name of S. D. HO WE is on every jox which has recently been added,on account of the 'ills being couterfeited. Sold also, by K1XXF. & 5MTTIT, Ypsilanii. BIJSS ftBEEBEJackson, andby one druggist ín every village and city in the United States, andby FARKAND,SHEELEY& CO. .General State Agente, Uctroit. S. I). IIOYEJ SoleProprietor, " 867yrs2 Ni:v York. AGOOD TREE IS KNOWN BY ITS FRUIT. So is a good l'liysician !y liis Successful Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THE GREAT AND CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN OF THE TliUUATjLUNGS AND CHEST, Known all over the countrj as the Celebrated INDIAN II E R B DOCTOR! rrom South America, will be at hts rooms, KUbSELL HOUSE, DETROIT, On the 18 th and 19th inst. , on the same date of and very subsetiuent mowth during 1862 and 1B63, A NEAT PAMPHLET Of the life, study and extensive tra veis of Dr. Lyons an be procured by all who tlesirc one, free of churgft. Dr. Ii will visit Ann Arbor, Jacúson.and Adrián, Mtch., as follows : Ann Arbor, Monitor House, -Oth.. Jackson, Ribbard House, Bist Adrián, Brackett H( ase,S3d and a3d. SIodk ()!■■ Examixation. - The Doctor discerns dï-oascs tytheeyes. He,therofore,asks no questions nor re■lirt'S patients to explain symptoins. Aillicled, come ndfaave your symptoina and the locatiou of your dis aseexplained free of charge. TWBNTY-ONE YEARS AGO..O Jln. O. C. Baisroi a distinjttisliea Chemist anti Diuggist of the cüy' of Buffalo, N , Y., invented and manufactuicd a corapounil knowti as BRÍri.l'OL'S BALÏ3AM OF HOAKHOU.ND, whioh ia a perfect sraCIFJC for COUGHS, COLDS, or any BRONCIIIALor LUNG DIKFICULTIES arïsmg from damp, cokl, or sudden change of the weather. Every person who has over taken BRISTOL'S BALSAM OF HOARHOUND, pronounces t the bist article ever invented ; and so justly celcbrated lia.s it becomc, that the market is alreaily full of nnitattons, cotinterfeits, and most danerous coinpounds, under tho name of Balsam of Hoarhound. Therefore, alwayï be careful to eall for BristoVa Balsam, and sec that hla WRITTEN signature is ou the outside label of Jhe bottle. Makk. - This invaluable Medicine has been now some twenty-one years before the public, and without any effort on the part of the proprietor, lts sale has become very extensivo, and is daily increasinp. The low price at which the lledicine ia sold (23 CENTS) enables AI.I. to partake of its heitlmg qualities. C. CROSBY,BÜFFA1.O, N.Y. Sole raanufacturer, to whom all orders should be addressed. For sale byall respectable druggists. Ij'eov888 O" TOBACCO- You can buy the best grades of FINE CHEWING TOBACCO at from 50 cenis to One Dollar. ÖMOKING from fourteen to twenty cents at M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AND C1GAR STOIïK Sign - Eed Indian. South side Huron at reet, a few doors from Cook'a Hotel. M. DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Dec.ll, 18G2. 883tf 3STB-W GOODS, FOR Spring Trade f [ am Dow reccivin au entire New Stock of STAPLE ANDFANCY DRY GOODS STRAW GOODS CHOICE GROCERIES &c.f BUYERS WITH CASH IN" HAND are particularly invited to examine my Síoclc of PRINTS, SIIEKTIXGS, DKNIMS, PTIilPf: SHTRTIXGS TICKINGS and al] DQMESTIC GOODS All bought for NET OASH sinee tbe Deeline Ixi CS-olca. AND RUMORED FALL OF CHARLESTON. JOHN H. MAYNARD. Ann Arbor, April 2-n 1P63. A G-RE AT BOOK POR AGENTS. Tobe Soldonlyby Subscription. DIAilY OP THE Americasi Bevolution. FROM WHIG & TO1ÍY NEWSPAPEKS. Anl Original Docmnenls. ibs" ïnsris: moore, Editor of the Rkbelliox Record, etc. One thick 8vo. Volume df 1100 page . Ulostratöd vith Twelve SujjprbStccl Engravingf by Hitcate. $;ï.5o. This important anJ raluable bonk will be Pound of ;reat interest 'toevery intelligent American - aflording he only living and truthf u L indicatïoa of the spirit, the Jiery frcshnrss, the darhig language, and gigantië schtmes,' the Soss op Ltbebty, in tholr nauguration and struggle for Independence ; while at the a ame tin ■ t exhibi'.w the various phases of the Xory upposi'.nm, helr crafty insinuatioss, tbeir öautlous doabis, tiroid counselt, and open enmity. Here men, some aïready LHOWD,mauylongsince forgotten, but all active partisans on either olde, give unreserred venttotheir patriutism or passion, thetrtemporary fears or loftv h,sirations, their indivMual Bufferiaga and private "misortuncs. The maierials of Lhis rfork are taken from AVinc; and ["ühy Newspai-ek , publisbed durfng the American tevolution, Private Diaries, andotbercontemporaBeoufl rntlsgB. xhey present iothe student of this day the same yiew the readers of the RevolaüonAry periodinoyed- the raanners aodcuatoms of tlie people, and the iioral and religi(His)(a.swc!Ia.s jülLical features of the ime, The woi'k DOfitaina not only íhe Gurrcnt accounts, by bth Wint; and Tokt writerh, of the differeat ekirmishen and battles by sea and laijd,but,at the Bame time, gires a clear idea of theefiFectof those occclrrences upon the pcopie aml tiieir homes. It also embraces accounts of theballs, partios, marriages and áeaths, criticiama upón men and books, wed ding partios, sleigh rides, the Whiga tarred and feathercd bythe TöHefl, and; fox-hunts hy thecfli. eer of the Biltish army ; slirpt&es, bii-t'..d:iy celebra tions, practical jokea by men whom we have been taoghtto belíeve were of the niost eerioiis natural dispo-itíon ; patiíoÜc songs and bailada : liore-races, gatnes, masqtteradeB, rei iews ; moe ïoteg mt tïie most colt'braU'd men and wotnen, popular merrimeta and usages, and tbe eelfbrationa of natío nal festmiiea. The work carries the reader back ïnlo the homes, upon the very hearthstones. I Ne hl Ehwajra and battU1fields of the II -vf! ut in n . 'and ! ita him heár the W ■ i l and Tories lampoon and abuse eacu Qther, andsee the avmies Bght iii their own "'iy. Readers who wïsh i" know ewnatif imw the people oí the American Revolation thougbtand fcalkcd aüout GENERAL WASHINGTON AND KING OEORGE THE THTRD, niut have tbia book. It Is tho langi'aci-: of tlw Amfricnn Revolution." EXPERIENCKD CAN V ASSERS are wantod f" uanraüs for tlie work, to whom liberal cnmmlssioajB i!l be given. Api]yUy letter to the PabHsher, CIIAULKÜ T. RVA1VS, 3w904 MS BroacJwny. fi7íi'3'Q Ííh&VlPTF 'Píf{Tl'JLll LAND WARRANTS, GOLD Silvex, Canada AND BEMAND MOTES, wantod by MILLER DA VIS & WEBSTER BANKERS. Arm Albor, June 4, 1863. 4wG07. First National Bank of Ann Arbor. COTICE. AN ASSESSMÍNT of 40 por cent. on the Capita Stock of said Bank, will bedue and payable at the banking OflW, as follows: 2Q per cent on the fn-strtaj of July, and 20 por cent. on the tlay of August aext. By oreer of Board of Directo. C.n. MILLEN,Clerk. Ann Albor, May 22, 1S63. Dissolution Notice. rpiIE FIRJI of Onnt and Loring has this day dissolved X by mutual consent. All unsettlod accounts will hereafterbe settled by Mr. Barnes Loiing, saccessor to the firm of Ilunt and Loring. ' W. A. ÏIUNT. 007wG BARNES LOKING. " W 0 S E S."- Their Significance.- UluBtrated with engravings of tlio Roman, Greciiin, in-liiui, Negro, Celestial, Aqueiïne, Turn-up, and rug Noses, with the cbaracter revealed by each. Kyes - blue, black, or gniy. LiPa - Uiin and pale, or full and red, prim or pouting, seolding or loving. Mouth - large or smalt, ll.un - Ught or ftark, eoaree or fine, straight or curly CHJBSKS - thiu or phnnp, pale or colored. Tiim-ii - regular or Irregular, Eabs - large or smal!. NiiCKlong orsbort. ÖKiN- rough or smooth. All to bc amply illustratod with epgravinga. The valk, talk, haugh and voioe, all mdiciito character. We may know nu honost face lnm a dishouöst ono, and wa wlU show how. Beaïdea tbe above, we nhall treat on lvrnxoi.oGY; op the Natura] Hiaiory oí' Man; of Phtsiology, and Uit' Laws of Life and Health ; of PhysiooMOMYjOr Signs of Chaiacter, and how to rcad them; of Piikenoxogy, the l'liilosophy of Mind ; and of PstCHOLOGY, the Bcience of' the Soul Man, with reference to all his relations of Ufe, social, intellectual, and spiritual, and what oacli can do bat, will be elncidated in the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURXAL AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED. New volume commences July lst. A bandsnme quarto, luonthly, at only SI. 50 a year. Sample numbers, 15 eents. Please a.ddress FÖWLKR AND WEIÏS, 'ZOU Broadway, New York. 3w9C7 J) The peculiar taint or ■íiSi ■. ïnfection whioh we cali á wÊi Sobofuia lurkfl in '- j i tho constitution? of 3k jé$ff lllultllcs of men. It ' 6x1ÍJ& cither produces or is Bjfi"jKi X produced by ftn cn-Kh.-ra cbledj vitiatcd state "i' tin' lihiod, wlicrein llJÉsias y that fluid becomes inzfí S i ÉÍSjcomPotent l0 sustain '.: ■ t ':■■ al ibrfc in theïr BLilF" - vi'jojous nel ion, and ■z llaves tho systcm to ffull into disorder and _=5S==-- - clccay. Tlicscrofulous eontamination is-variously caused by mercurial discase, low living, disordered digestión from unhealthy food, impuro ir, lililí and filthy h:lits, the depressing vice.-, and, abovo all, by the vcnercal infection. Whatever be its origin, it is bcroditory in the constitution, desrending " from parents to children unto the third and fourtli generation ; " indeed, it seems to be the rotl of ÏTim who says, " I will visit the iniqnities of the fathers upon thcir children." The di?eases whieh it originates take various names, according to the organs it attaeks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tiibercles, and finally Consumption ; in the glands, swellingfl which suppurate and becoitio ulcerous sores ; in the stomach and bowels, derangements which produce indigestión, dyspepsia, and liver complaints ; on the skin, eruptivo and cutaneous affections. These all having tlie same origin, require tlie same remedy, viz. purifieation and invigoratioa of the blood. . Purify the blood, and these dangerous distempers leave you. With fecl)le, foul, or corruptcd blood, you cannot have health ; with that "life of the flesh" healthy, you cunuot have scrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsapai'illa is compoundcd from the most effectual antidotes that medical scicncc has discovered for this afflieting distemper, and for the cure of thS disorders it entails. That it is far superior to any other remedy yot devised, is known by all who have given it a trial. That it does combine virtues truly extraordinary in thcir effect upon this class of complaints, is indisputably proven by the great multitade of publicly known and remarkable cures it lias inado of the following discases : Kiïlg's Evil Or Glandular Swellings, Tumors, Ernptions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas, Rose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposite in the lungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Syphilis and Syphilitic Infections, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the whole series of complaints that arisc from impurity of the blood. Minute reports of individual cases may bc found in Ater's American Almakac, which is furnished to tlie druggista for gratuitous distribution, wberein may bo learned the directions for its use, and some of the remarkable cures which it bas made when all other remedies had failcd to afford relief. Those cases are purposely taken from all seetions of tlie country, in order that every reader may have access to somc onc who can speak to him of its bcnefits from personal expericnee. Scrofula, depresses the vital energies, and thus leaves its victims far more subject to disease and its iatal results than are healthy constitutions. Henee it tends to shortcn, and does greatly shorten, the average duration of human life. The vast importanèe of these considerations has led ns to spend ycars in perfecting a reincdy which is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to tlie public under the name of Atf.k's Sarsaparilla, although it is composed of ingredients, some of which exceed the best of Sarsaparilla in alterativo power. By its aid you may protect yourself from the suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out the foul corruptions that rot and fester in the blood ; purge out the causes of disease, and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates tlie vital functions, and thus cxpels the distempers which lurk within the system or burst out on any part of it. We know the public have been deeeivcd by many compounds of Sarsaparilla, that promised much and did nothing ; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointcd ii this lts virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there remains no question of its surpassing excellence for the cure of the afflicting diseases it is intendcd to reach. Althougli under the samo name, it is a very differ#nt medicine from any other which has been before the people, and is far more effeetual than any other wliich has ever been available to them. AYEB'S CHEBRY PECTORAL, Tfae World's Great Eemedy for Coughs, Colds, Inoipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive patienta in adraneed stagea of the disease. This has been so long used and so universally known, that we need do no more than assure the public that its quality is kept np to the best it ever lias been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has ever done. Preparad by Dít. J. C. Ayer & Co., Practical and Analylical Chemttt, Lowell, Mass. Bold by all druggists everywhere. STEBBINS & WIION', Aim Arhor, K. "AM=OV V,, Ua'ltl A EWISG, Dokter, WHEltllON b HATCH, Cl.o'nea.. WhoIesMeby FARRANDSUELBYfcCo., Detrot. C. E. COBDRN, Travelling Agent. i'luctioneers Hotice. B YR ON GREEN, havlng applicd Cor a liconse, ïwrw IkiMs liinisi'll in i. . to rittend to all eulls. - Having lmdexpoiienCB, heif po itivo lip cap give k"'..1 satisfactioQ. Allcall proroptly atteud d ■. Chargs icasouublo. Apply ut the Ft apkWri H ■ J3Y15OST (UEEïf, Aun Arboí', Oei. I , UiiJ. P. B AC H Is now receiving A. LARGE STOCK -OFNew Spring Goods, BOUGHT FOB CASH Sincc fthe Late Fall, AND WILL BE 80LD YERY LOW FOR CASH. Cali and See ! INJ-IEW BOOT t SHOE b Successor to Moore & Loomís.) has oponed a store in 6 FRANKLIN BUILDINGS, Caín street, Aun Arbor, and has on hand a large assortment of BOOTS, SHOES & RUBBERS, mauufactured from the best material and warranted to give satisfaction, consistingof MEN'S KIP, CALF AND THICK BOOTS, DOUBLÉ SOLED, IIEN'S BUFFALO OrÈjRSHOES, of all descnptions. LADIES GAITERS, Morocco Boolees, Balmorals, Feit Overëhoei, and Rubbers. Aho, Boy's Kip, Caïf & Tiiïck Uoots, together with a variety of CHILDKEN & YOUTH'S SHOES. I nm also Manufacturlitg WAERANTED BOOTS & SHOES. Meii's Fine Frencli Caïf Bools Peg-getl and. Sewed. Give me a cali before purchasing elsewhere. I will selt my tioodn cheap for cash. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE AND ON SHORT NOTICE. N.B.COI.E. Anii Arbor, Jan. 13th, 1863. SS7tf 1863. May. 1863. 3SriE"W SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, AT THE "Old Corner!" I am now receiving a well SELECTED STOCK OF NEW G OODS, FOR THE Spring and Summer Trade, C0NS1STINQ OP STAPLE DRY GOODS, DRESS GOODS, TRIMMINGS, SHAWLS, HOOP SKIRTS, BOOTS AND SHOES, NOÏIONS, &c, &c. Also ti f uil assortmcut of Family Groceries! all of which were bought low and are to be SOLD GIIEAP FOR GAS IL The highest Markct prico paid for O O 3L ï C. E. THOMPSON. At the Farmers' New Cash Store, Corner of Main and Washington sts. (DOltí) Aun Arbor.


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