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TÖTHELADIEÏ OF AMERICA! MOUU YALUAIiLIO TIIAX GOLD ! MOttH YALUABLE TIIAN GOLD! MORE VALUABLE TIIAN GOLD! MÖJJ.È VALUABLE THASGOLD! Dr. JNO. L. LYON'S - ■FRIXCH PBRIÖDICAL DROPS, F R E g C II PBRIÖDICAL DROPS, FREiVCH PEB1OD1GAL DROPS, F RENO íl PERIODICAL DROPS, FOR FEMALES. FOR FEMALES FOR FEMALES, FOR FEMALES, Büfferlng from IireguUirlty, or Obestmction of the Mepscs, from wliatover cause, IT IS SURE TO CURE ! IT IS SURE TO CURE! IT IS SURE TO CURE ! IT IS SURE TO CURE ! it is'impopsiWe to enjoy the blnnm of bealth, an9 vivacity of spWtö, unleBS the Meases are regular as to tbc time, tbc quantity, 'and qunlity. AVben tíiej aro ob.siructed, nature makes her effortfl to obt.iin for ii fïoine otbor ouilet, ;iml, unless ttese elToits of' nature aro assistíMl, ti:o patiënt usually f-xpericnces Despondency, Nervousnfcss, and linully COXSU MPTÍON assumea its swaj, aud p:-eii?aturely torrainates a miserable Hfe. ÍT REMOVES ALL OBSTRTJCTIONS! IT REMOVES ALL OBSTRUCTIONS! [T REMOVES ALL OBSTRUOTIONS! LT REMOVES ALL OBSTRUCTIONS! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR ! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR ! BEAR IN MIND, BEAR IN MIND, BEAR IN MIND, BEAR IN" JIIND, THAT I GU AR ANTEE THAT I GUARANTEE THAT I GUARAÏJTEE THATI GUARANTEE My DROPS TO CURE Suppression of the Menses from whatever cause, thougli care should be taken to ascertainif prognanoy bc the cause, "as these DROPS would be sure to produce iuiscarriage ; they will also ceriainly PREVENT conception, f taken two or three days before the mrmtbly period ; therefore, I wish it di&tinct)y understood, that I do not holdmyself respousible wheu used under such circumstances. BUY THE BEST ! BUY THE BEST ! BUY THE BEST BUY THE BEST! BÜY THE SAFEST! BUY THE SAFEST ! BUY THE SAFEST! BUY THE SAFEST ! BUY THE SUREST ! BUY THE SUREST ! BUY THE SUREST ! BUY THE SUREST ! WHICH IS LYON'S DROPS. WHiCH IS LYON'S DROPS. WHICH IS l.YON'S DROPS WHICH IS LYON'S DROPS. THEï ACT LIKE A CHARM, by strengtlieninj? and invigorating, ;ind restoring tbe syptcm to a healthy condition. It moderates all ex cesa and rerr.oves all obsfructiooSj and a speedy cure may bc relied on. TO MARIÏIED LADIES, They are pcculiarly adaptod, aa thcy bring on the monthly period withsuch perfect regularity. SURE TO DO GOOD ! SURE -TO DO GOOD! SUKE TO DO GOOD ! SURE TO DO GOOD! CANNOT DO HARM ! CANNOT DO HARM! CANNOT DO HARM ! CANNOT DO HARM! I eould farnlsh any quantity of testimoníala of its efBeacj from my own paiientiJ, but the practice of parading bought anl Cctitious ones before the public is sp prevalent I do not deem it advisablo. My object is to nlace my medicine before the public, not alone t inake money, but tf do g::od. it is proverbially true o the Amei-ican Ladies, thatnot ten perfectly healthy unes can be found in any one vittinity. BE WISE IN TIME BE WISE IN TIME ! BE WISE IJS" TIME ! BE WISE IN TIME ! Let not ditsease destroy your constitution. Try a boltlo of my PERIÓDICA!, DEOPS, and you will be ;-;li u-u that I am no impostor. Teil your aülictef friend what restored tbc bloom of health to your cheeks and thereby confer a favor more valuabln tlisngold. For painful or scanty Mentruation it is just the thing Ihaven'iw inniy mind an nettaée of a lady whu hac been Bufferiag from painful inenstruation two or thrc yc:irs, confiniu her to her room eacli time ; slie liai applied to several eminent physicians, without relief wlien out btittle of my DROPS eutirely cuied hor. ONE BOTTLE CURES ! ONE BOTTLE CURES! ONE BOTTLE CURES! ONE BOTTLE CURES! In almoat cvery case. DO NOT BE MPOSED UPON DO NOT 'BE IMPOSED UPON DO NOT BE IMPOSED UPON DO NOT BE IMPOSED UPON But cut this out and send t to your Druggist, and i he has not got it,make liim buy itioryou; or, it may 00 obtaincd of Ihe Ueueral Agents for the L'nitid .Sto tu C. G. CL, ARK vi CO., WlIÜI-KSALR Dni'GGISTS, Nii'.v IIavem, Conn; For sale by all respectnble Drui?.istfl. Price, $1.00 per btttio, and by Slebbins & Wiison, Grenviüe S: Fuller, Eberbacb & Co. Pr.-i ared by Jyo. L. I.yox, M. D, lyP02. B'ackwood's Magazine AND THE Brilish Reviews. l'IltCF.S OS1KAÍ AS EVER,! TÖTBOS1? WHOPAY PROJPTLY IN' AnVAhOB. Xotwithsian i; the C' t of Repriating these ] icala lias more than doubled n eonsequenoe of the inormous fise n the priee of Paper and of a general aTïvfcflca in all otlu'r iiml üvtwithstainlini;' ,,'].,- p(fl . f] ! ,-n n-hlciiiV' il1-'! si.r ir ill(T(,;( . ].,■:,, ol their publícatíonfl, we shall .oni i lino, for the yi'ivr 1 st;:i, to wn,i ouv complete. , as heretofore, at the ld rutes, viz. : - 1 TUI' LON'DON' QUARTERLY (Consarvatiïe), 2 THEEDINBURGH Kt.VlEtt' (Wliig) 3 THE NORTII BMTISH REVIEW (Fice Churoh). 4 THE WESTMCJBTER RKVIEW (Lihara') 5 BSUA.CK.WOOD 'S i:i!iM;riïi;ii ('lYi-.y). TERMS Per anij, Forany oneof the four Reviews, - - ■ $3 00 For anytWO of thó four Reviews, - - - 5 00 For anythreo of tli iour Reviews, - - - 7 00 Forall fotit f f hr l: viw, 8 00 For Blacicwooda Magazine, - - . . - 3 00 Fui' lïlacUwoodand One Review, - - - ÍS 00 For Filad; wond and two Reviews. - - - 7 00 For Black wood and tbiee Bevfews, - - - 9 00 ForBluckwoodandtfie fourRuviowd, . 10 00 These will bc our nriee to all who pay prior to the lst of' April. To Eh'dte who rlei'r payiug till after that time, the prices will bc increaed to uuich extent as tlie increaseil cost of Iteprint inay demand - therui'cre, SEND IN YOUR ORDERS AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. LEONARÜ W;0TT & CO., Publishers, Xu. 38 Walker Streot, New ïork. THE RSBELLZON 0N HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHING, HAS COMMENCED AT THE 0LO & EELIABLE C L O T H I U Q No. 3 PHCENIX BLOCKMAIN St. rAM oow opening a largo and varled assorfinentoi Sri!iii amlSummerGoods, aud in view of the rebellion on hitih])ricessenerally, will offer tlier to my friendo aud custumers at the very lnwest figures for Ctisïi. - ThoMe in want of a. superior article oí Cloths, Ca.simereíi; or Heady-Made Olothing, -vill cali onWM. WAGNER, who has just retumed frora the East, with. a large assortment of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS hich have been purchased attLelate LOW PHICES! and can offer them at a lower figure tlian ever before Among ray A.ssortment may be found BROADOLOTHS, UASSIMf]RES, DOESKINS, VESTINGS of all descriptions, togetlier with a superior asaortmen of Rcady-Made Clothlng, .ih. ,, v. TR ÜNKS , CARPETJÏAGf!, lülti Vttf UMDRELLAS, an SSJöGeiit!einen's Furnishiiis GOODS, with numeious other articles ueually found in simila establisliments. Asan EMPORIUM OF FASHION, the subscriber fiattershimself, tliat hifl long experienc and general success, will enablehimto give the greates sati:factiontuali who may trust hini in the way of E Manufacturing Garments to order AnnArbor, ApTil Dth 1862. 848tf BHillïHfflflHffliSüifflfiïHRtttiÜürir' ' HtïïCTïïnUWBHTiMlII O. BLISS Would takethia caethod of infortptpg hig old friend and patrons and all others who inay favor' him wit their patronage, tlat liehas greatly enlarged h!fl JStock aud Assortment ! and having adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BÜYING & SELLING is prepare'! to sell Goods at 3L3t.Qífce8O!X ble lárices, Hls stock oonslsta in par of the i'ollowing: g3 AMERICAN AND OTHER fe 47J? The Celebrated W SETHTHOMAS (JLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CEIAINS, TABLE AND POCKET OUTLEiiY ! Bazors, Sheara, Scissors and Brushos, HOGERS PLATED WARE, the best in rnarket Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils PAPER an.l EN'VELOPES, Musical Instruments Sirings Sf Books for Instruments, SPBCTjSLOIjE -3 , of Qold, Silcer, Steel, and Plalcd, with PERISCOPIO GLASS a superior article. Persons havïng diiïicult watches to fit with can be accomodated, as my stock is large'and coni píete, P. S. Particular attention to tlio 3Et.33 XXI. X !KT Gr of all kinds oí lino Watches, such as Making aria Setting new Jewels Pinions, Stajfs, and Cylinders. Aho CLOCKS, 5c TE"WrELil'Y' neatly repaired aud 'warranted, at his old stande&b Bidé of Jlain Street. C. BLISS. Ann 4rbnr,Nov. 25, 18fS 826tf "ÜAIVHOOD ; MO WZOST, IJO WRESTORED Just Published, in a tiealed Encelope. Price Six Cent. A Lect.ire on the Nature, Treatment and líadical Cui of Spermatorrhcea or Seminal AWakiicss, Sí'xual Pol.ility, líerytíbsneaa, and [nvoluntary Emiasiona, inthiritiír Iiupuieucy, Ctmsuniptioii, and Men la land Physical Dcbüity. BY ROB'T J. CÜLVEÍiWF.LI,, M. D. The important í'act tliat the awful consequenceft of flelf-Abuse may be eflectually removed without infernal modicintjs or tlm dfingeroas Applfei,tÍ0B ot' caustfos itiMrumonts, m#dtetéd bougia, and other cnipirical .devices, is here clearly domonstrated, and the tmtirely new ind hihly succMflful tte&tment as alojited by the celebrated author, fully explftined, by means of which every one iscnabled to curo htmsAlf perfectly and ul tlif least pos ai ble cosí, thorehy aroidicg ali tho aflvertíWd fioetruina ni' tbr day. The lee tur e will prove a boon totnousandi and Lhousands. 1 Sent nudprsealjn a pieün envelop, to any address, : post Mtdofl i''cei'it of twopostage stamps,by addri'saing the publishcrs. CHÁS.J. C. KMN3-: & CO , 9jOtf 127 Bowery, Nf-v York, Post Office Box,4ö85 Wmk Empire H , ■■A BOOK STORE WË IWLÈ - R. WEBSTER XBJ llPSH Opposite the 'm T fiiKPSk. Franklin House ] 11 Mïi AniiArbor. I liiaflpfc. gr - -LU-N A Ui, NOW OPKNING, DlKb-i I É KÜ U PUBLISHERS AND manufacturera, a New and Conjpjete stock of LAW & MEDICAL BOüKS, School Books, Miacellaneous Books, Blank Books, dan STATIOEJEnY! Wall and Windgsr Paper, Drawing and Máthematicallnstruments, Music, JiivcnileLibrarieri, Envelopes, lnks and Cards. GOLD And all othar kinds oj Pens and Pencis Window Cornico, Hbades and Fixturc, POCKET CUTLERY! Andeverythmp'Fertaininp: fco the trarte, and more to wiiicluiify wonld invite tlieuUention of the eoantry. In oondneting our bttsïnes83 we sbaUdo all tlintcan edone,so tbat no rcasooctble man, woniaa or cliild shall ïnd any fault. We possoss facilïtiea whïcï} will enable us to aiipply onr stomers at the Lowest Possible Figures. We propose iosellfor REABY PAY, ata smalluJvancc. Wa expect a profit on oiiv goods, but Cash Sales vill Admit of Low FIGURES. The ' 'Empire BookStoriï,'; Es maimed by agood crew,' nd they will alwaya befoundonihe "quaïter deck," ready and wüling io attend to all with pleatjure, wliu wil] favor thetn with a cali. Remember the "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & CoAon Arbor, l[ay,1860. 74p 3CH0FF & MILLER 4 RESTIIX ONHAND at tbeirold Stand, A No. 2, Franklin Block, with tliemost complete assortment of Books and Stationery, PERFUMERÏES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, 8HAÜE8, EOLLERS, COEDS, TASSELS, GIJI"1 COENI0E8, CURTA INS. HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever oifered in this Market ! and they wnuld suggest tothosoin purauitcfany thingin SANTA CL A US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purchíisíng from thisslock, as each purcliaser gett anadditioual present of Jowehy &c, Ranging invalue irom 50 ets. to $50. ígSr Theytrust that theirlong experience inseleoting goods f orthis marketJ and at riet att ention to the want? of Customers, may entitle tbem to a liberal share 01 Patroiiü ge. Ann Arbor, Dec. 5. 1860 777tf ilifle Factöïy! Beutier Bc Traver, [Suecssors to A. J Sutherland,] Jlanufacturers of and Dealers in GkmSjPistols, Ammiinition Flasks, Po:.;hcs Game Bags, and Everyother article in that Line. All kinds of done at the shortest notioe, and in the best inanner. a f uil assortment'alwayfl kept onhaud and made order. , ■, Shop on Huron street. Axtü Arbor,Oct. e, 1362. 8731f L.EÏ THE FEOPLE For Providencc has again Crowntd our Arms with Success ! -ANDA. O. LOE3, OF THE CLEVELAND CLOTfllKG HOUSE, are now olioring to tlie citizens of Wu.sutenaw cownty, and the State of Michigan generalij-, A LAliGER AND BETTEE SELEGTED STOCK OF SPRING & SÜMMER GOODS, tlian was ever beforo bruught tothifleity wliieh we will scll Cheaper than any House ivest of New York ! Our siocïi constata of Heady-Made Clothing, SA.TS, TRUNES, VALI8ES, Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c,, anl in conbissioti w ' would say to ill wlio wnnt to buGOODGÜODS ATLOtVPRICHS, (o cali :il I,, Cleveland Clothing House, fivedoorswest of Cook's HoU-1, and you wiüiave mnney by d'oing ro. ' A. ,'■ C. LO1 B. N . U. - IKjn't forget to cali bofore purchasi where. Ann Arbo] , M;iv 1-1 . }g63. KOR SALE ! TWO of the inosi Jasirable building lote in the Tiiy oi Anti Arbor, containlng eacli one aero aacl a quarter of grflund. Tltèy are situtted on State Street, near tne Sciiüi wt't cornor of the Univer.ty term, c.lnqulro atthe ARGUS OKI Mi;. Xuv. 1) 1862.


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