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Don't Sell Your Best

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Don't allow tlio-o speculators and drovers to picK out tlie Kkeliest and best of your stook, leaving you only tlie ordinary and poorest to breed f rom, It is the worst policy you can adopt. By contiiming such a course, it will be but a short timo before you will have only ordinary and poor to select from. Supposing you eau get a little .more for this likely lamb thau for the otliers, you will too reinember that it oosts no more to keep theui thau it does poor ones; and next sbearing time the largo fleeees will teil the story in favor of kceping the best you have. If yoa inteud to make a practice of raising a colt every year, keep the best mare you eau afford. Haven't you uoticed that when a man comes to purchase a yoang horse, he is always particular to kuow ill about the stook, &c, before he coucludes his trade ? Keep the best, then, for yourself. Don't sell your best cow because you oan get üve dollars more for her. Keep hei-, and she will more than make up the (lifforenco ere anothoryear comes round. Just so with overything. Seleot the best seed for your öwn use, and you will always havo as good as any one, and be gure of the highest prices for anything you may wish to dispose of.


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