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Two National Parties: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Tlie Democratie party, is a nntionul party. has made iw covenant wiiïi the Slnvo Power by the annexution of Texns with siavery nnd S pledged i; 6 fuit li to susiain ond strengthen tliat msütntion. It should th'erefbre now be regarded by nll men as the Slavkry Party of llie United Sutes, pledged to adv nee the power and interest of that insiiiu'.ion ns llie fundamental ohjf.'ct of tfie pnr1 y. It is true there were sume objections to tliis rniMsure ond the censrquent )ledg;e of future support to Siavery froni the Norlliern portion of ihe party, but it is done as the net of the Vilwnul Democralic partyend that pany as n nutional parly, is responsibie for t. TJio plainost common sense enn now perecive t Ij ii t :inder Liie udministrntion pr tliis pniiy the Slavo Pouer will receive ali possíble at-eistance fron the riitionii Government : hat iis po w?r will be enhaóccd and its dominion extended, and that oil this will bc done through the politica! pcwer of a great nationil parly.It is equally plaia tlmt the only tangible i mode of opposing the nefarious schemes of! the Democratie party, is thrmigh the power ! of a nationnl rival pnrty. Thts party, to be the rival of the Democratie, party must be bused apon a fundamental principie direcily oppos:d to the fundamental principie of thnt pnrty; constqnently, it must bc anlislavcry. The contest to be ut all sticcessful, musí be j conducled wholly uponlhisissur1: nny ailempl ' short of tliis tnust neceasanly (all short of hicccss. Thus we have a national slavery parly, and we must have a national nntislavery -ptvrtv-,-T.r -uVmU itj üie conrimTeii óictuiion nnd control of Slaveiy. Thi? trutl) should be incessantlv impressod upon the piiWic inincJ. - The fundamental principie of tliis party should be politicul oppo-ition to the exislenee of slavery in the Uniied Sjates to the full ex: ent of of the powers of the politicul franchise. - Tie ide.t of anr compromis; wiili sluvery by virtue of ony provisione of the Consiitu'.ion ?hould be, as it has been heretpfore by tliC Liberty party, wliolly discaided. It is not npcepsnry to viólate ihe Constilution to aboütih slavery, bui fit be found in the woy it c:m be am&nded. Tliis party should not be seclíonal : it should embrace all the polilical finlUUivery influence of the naiion. It should be nntional in every sonse of the word, based upon the principie of national liberiy, llmt is, the liberty of every inhubilant of the naiion.ihis party alreudy existg, and ihe only ! question to be solved by Whigs and i cruts whn are opposed lo tlie domination of the Slave Power, is whelher they will Live it strengt h and power by becomsng its bers,or wbelher ihey will attempt to establish another based upon the same fundamental j principie. Tbey must do one or the oüier, or do nothing. Tbere ore nuw Ho t;öther yreal interesis" wbicli can cori.bine á sufF.cienf i ber of the people in one party to enable it to j wuhstand the nnward progresa of Vli e Slavej Power embodiüd in !be Demw-mtic pnrfy; thnt is-', tio party cm ixist n cpposition tu tiieDeiu ocraüc p-jriy without being decidedly opposed in lts aclion to the exislence of siavery, censequeutly its oclion would turri upon this principie nnd it wouuJ become art antislaverv party. I repeat that no psrty can exist uith uny reasonable hope of overpoweririg the Deniocralic party unle?s it be based n its tlieory :md action iipou the present principies of the liberty paity: consequent ly, the Slave Power is secure throurh the nfluenee of the Democratie pari}', until the antislavery enerj a'ics of the naiion shall be sufHcicnlly combined in politica! oclion to overthrow that party Readers, examino these positions am.' ifyou cannotsny they ure untrue, act upon them iinmcdiately : yon must act or stiNi'.it lo the consequences of naetion! to be .led and overruled by your petty lyrant iixialcrs - t'ie j sl-jveholders.


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