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■i i.níievcrv Friday Ihethird story of P t blook, comer oí Main and Hurón Sta-, AN'N 'IR Entranceon Hurón tree.t,opposite the ETjfiU B' Pnd. Editor and Publisher. Tcrms, $l,5O a Ycar ín Advnnce. ,j,ertlsliig- One square (12 lines or leas), one 50 cents; and 25 ceut.i for cveiy usertion tliereïJ'lMSthan three months. L sanare 3 mos $3.00 Quarter col. 1 year $20 Ba6mos 5.00 Half column h' mos 18 l'! uarc 1 year 8 00 Half column 1 year 35 n'res 6 mos 8 00 : One column 6 mos. 36 Ts'"'s 1-vo:ir 1--0U One column 1 year 00 r-33 ST8rtiaements unaocompanied by written or SlJlreoSona will be publuhed until ordered out, '" ...„cJaccordingly. ,!S adrertiaements, lirst insertion, 50 cents per SKsñeot per folio for éach Bubsequent iraertion. í DOstpcnemi-Jt lalU'.l ti. su idvi-rtisemont the ílewiU 'be obargíd theaamc as for lirst insertion. . h printiiiir- Pamphlets, Iland Billa, Circulars, , km Kelwts, Labels. Blanks, üill Heads, and wrrietics óf Plain ana Fancy Job Printing, execu■"tpromptness.andin tbo bet style havea RugSlcs Uotary Card Prees. and M-ane'V'f theltt styles of Curd type which 1 uu to print Cards of all kinds in the aaateet '"".■'. ive in,i olieiper than anj other house in the Busineas cards for uk n of all avocatioM and pro S„ Ball Wedding anrt Visiting Cards, piiuied on 'i,7rt no'üce . Uall and see samples. B00K BISDIVG- r-.miocU-ilwitli the Office is a Knlfrv in charge of two competent workmen. - Econla Ledsers, Journal, and all Blank Books U?.to order, and of the best stoel;. -am,hlcts and ■ Jials bound in a nea an.l durable manner, at B.'s. Eü'tranee to Bicdery tbrougb the Argut (l(te. uum„, ui.


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