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The Captain's Child

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Fiom the Spirit of the West. In the dark and disraal sloaming, Witli the wild waves round me ioaming, Swiit my fancy goes a roaniing, Boaming o'er the tracldess deep; Roaming swiftly, never weary, Now to places briglit and clieery, Now to scènes all dark ani dreary, O'er the wild and inighty deep. While the watch on deck is pacing, Whilo the waves are madly racing, And the storm-clouds swiftly chasing. Chasing through the gloomy night ; Weary, í'or a moment seating, Find I now my eyes a weeping, And my heart so wildly beating, We must perish o'er the light. Gracious God! my thoughts are flying Back to where my parents dying, I, an orphan, madly crying, Clung around their icy l'orms ; Then to where, by friends assisted, I, as cabin-boy enlisted, And upon the ocean drifted, Drifted out amid the storms. " All is well:" I hear it clearly, 'Mid the roar and tumult, dreary, " All is woll ;" I know it, nearly, ■Ve are almost home to God. l'iorious freight the waves will cover; All I have; wife, child, and brother ; Ah! the waves will soon dash over, All of me, a lil'eless clod. In the cabin they are wailing,. Know they all where we are sailing, Tliat our lease of life is failing, For no human help is near ; Spars are breaking timbers reeling - Ah ! what child is by me kiieeliug? 'Tia my littlu baby. Freeling; He, at least, can have no íear. Listen! " God our father, save us ; Save the lives you freely gave ; Let old ocean not enslave ua ; Guide us safely through the night." Cherub, bless thee - Gud has hcard thee; Once I prayed. My inother tanght me ; Bat for years l've not bethought me ; Yes. we're anchored e'ei the light.


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