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Missouri State Convention

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Jcfferson City, Juno 23. Id oonveiition to-day, Governor Gamble, Cbairman of the Committeo on Emanoipation, preseuted tho following ordinance from the majority of tho Comniittce. Ist. TIio first and socond classes, twonty-sixtli soction, third articlo of the Constitution bo abrogated. 2d - Slavery or iuvoluntary servitude, except for puiiislmient of erimo sliall ccase to exist in Missouri, July 1876, and all slaves within tho State at that date, aro hereby doolared froo. 3. All slaves hereafter brought iuto tho State, not now belonging to citizens of the State shall thoreupon be freo. 4. All slavos removed by conseut of their ownors to any seeedod State after the passage of tho ordiuance of scecssion, nnd hereafter brought into tho State by their owners shall thoreupon bo free. A minority report also submitted to abrógate the sauio clauses of the constitutiou as above, declaripg slaveiy abolished lst January, 1863, provided they and their issue bo apprenticed to their former owners until July 4, 1876, requiring the Legislature to pass laws regulatiug relations betweon said apprentiees and their masters, to secure their humane treatment and necessary edueation, and providing against importation or immigration of any negro or mulatto into the State. No further assessment of slave property shall be eoüected, nor shall the right to service of apprentiees subject to taxation. Provisión is also made to submit tho ordinance to tho people next August election.


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