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Commencement Week

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Tho exercisea of Oommenccment week at thoüniversity have been ofihe usual routino character. Dr. Tappan delivered Iho dqnual Baccalaureate discourso on Sunday ;ilternoon, in the Prusbyterian church. - Ilis subject was war in gonorul and tho present onc in particular, and trom bis exposition of causes, etc., ho evi.lved the conclusión that radical politicians camo to at the outset of the rebellion(,that the war must not terminato uutil tho last slave is ireed. We confess to a non-endorsement of soino of the Pr.'s premises and conclusión?, and expresa a willingness for peaee whenever the rebels ehall lay down their ar:ns, and ackoowledge the government, the constitution, and tlie lawB, even though slavery may live a lingering death yet awhile. The Dr. paid afine tribute, in coneluding his remarks, to the several graduates of tho University who havo fallón in defenpo of their country. Vn Sutiday evoning, Büv. D. C. Jacobs, of Dexter, delivered the anniversary address before the Christian Missionnry Association. We wcre not present, but have hcard it spoken of in terms of high eommendation. Monday evening Prof. L. E. Fisk, of Lansing, delivered an address before the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, die'cussing at length tho principios vvhieb underlio both democratie and monarchical forma oí governmení,eritieiflirg soverely the polilical corruptions which led to the present difficulties, and expressing a hope that the old Ship of State will safely ootride the storm. Prol. Sili., poet of the eveniog, "failed to connect" - on account of siokness we bclieve. Tuesday forenoon tho graduati.ig class held their anniversary exercises. The exercises vrcro : fin oration by Onville W. Cooliegi!, a poem by Stephen Powers, and a class history by Oonway W. Noble. Tho Alumni exercises annonnced for Monday afteruoen did not take place. Tuesday evening the Rev. Geo. B. Ciieeyer addressed the Literary Societies. His subject was "Lord Erskinej" his address compounded of a euogy of Erekine anddenunciation of slavery and the slave power. In tracing the oareer of Erskine, bö undeiignedly jut severely rebuked our governir.ent 'or its disregard oí the law, its i'epudiation of the trial by jury, its illogal arrests for constructivo treason, etc. The parallel was as clearly drawn as t.hough he had designed to condemn the arbitrary acts of tho government, and to proclaim the right oí free speech and a freo pross to-day rather than laud Lord Erskine for nobly battling for these rights in thelong-gone past. The exercises oí Comrnencement oocurred on Wednesday. Wo extract from the programmo the ñames oí speakers and themes: F0REK0ON SESSION. 1. Our Government a Principie, J. Clement Ambrose, Sharon. 2. Kadicalism and Conservatism. Levi L. Barbour, Ann Arbor. 3. Triumphs of Civilization in tho West. John M. Bowers, Mansfield, O. 4. The Era of Revolution, Lcvi L. Brown, Freedom, O. 5. Germanv, Win. A. Chandler, Kennet Square, Pa, 6. Washington Irving, Noah W. Cheever, Ann Arbor. 7. Republicanism and Literature, Crvillo W. Ooolidge, Niles. 8. Monnrchy and Literature, Lincoln S. Farr, Commerco. 9. Power Unostentatious, Elieha A. Fraser, Ann Arbor. 10. The Modern Utopia. Henry M. Hurd, Galesburg, 111. 11. Constantino the Great, E Dennison Lay, jr., Ypsilanli. 12. Rovcrio3, Convvay W. Noble, Monroe. l3„Our Honored Dead, George P. Peck, Oassapoüs. 14. Oration- July 4th, 1876, Stephon Powers, Waterford, O. 15. Sentiment a Power, Edward R. Slawson, Ann Arbor. At the conclusión of tho orationa the degree of B. A. was conferred upon and diplomas presented to the following members of tl.e class : ,T. C. Ambroso. Oeo. F. Fish. Levi L. BarVjonr. F.lisha A. Fraser. John M. Bówers. Wm, S. Ilairoun Levi J. Brown. Henry M. Hurd. W. A. Ohandler. E. D. Lay. Henry S. Cheever. Jno. Harían. Byron W. Cheever. Conway W. Noble. Noah W. Cheever. Qeo. P. Peck. Orville W. Coolridge. Stephen I'owers. O. S. Draper. F.d. II. Slawson. Lincoln E. Farr. Jas. L. Taylor. And tho degree ot 13. S. upon tho follovvir.g : M. H. Carleton. T. B. Smyth. Wm. Mendenhall. S. B. Thomas. Chas. II. Palmer. B. Trumbnll. Also the degree of Civil Engincer npon the following graduates of that department : Ira S. DunnlDg. Wm. B. Morgan. Geo. A. Marr, B. S. S. W. Eobinson. Wm, Meudenliall. AIbo tho degree of M. A. upon the following graduatcs in tho XJuiversity course: David II. Lovejoy. Arthur Brown. Lewls Stephen F6k Pilcher. The decree of M. A. was also conforred iipon tho following former graduales : Cyrus B. Thomas. Cnleb B. Parkinson. Ileman 15. Burgess. Browse F. Prentis. William N, Ladue. Edwin D. Fiske. Jacob C. Wortley. .Tarecl Patchin. James F. Spaulding. Tho degree of M. S. npon Georgo Bock, nnd the degree of M. D. upon Jamea Walker, Samuel L, Nash, Edward H. l)ewey, John McLean, Eobert Whedon. The excellent rnusic on the occasion was furnished by tho Detroit String Band,


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