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High School Exhibition

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A very prosperous ycar of the public schools of tliig city olosed on Friday last with an exhibition of tho graduating class of young ladios, at tho High School. The hall was well filled, and tho best of order preserved during the excrcises) which were conductedin accordauce with the followiug PKOGRAMME. MUSIC- "Joy, Joy, Freedom to-day." By tho Choir 1. Delusion, ----- Flora Jewett. 2. " Sacrificed," - - - Ellen M. Cotler. 3. Sulilimity in Action, - Lottie Gaeland. MÜSIC-"Throatening Deathto Traitor Slave." 4. Oxygen, Mary Wiieeler. 5. Tide Waves, - - - Ellen JI. Pilcïier. 0. Power, ----- Emha Eastmas. MUSIC- Piano Solo. 7. Abbot&ford, - - - - Abbie Bakker. 8. Chivalry, (a Poem), Delia A. IIotcukins. MUSIC- "All by the Shady Greenwood Tree." 9. Grandeur in Repose, - Ahita M. Miller. 10. Ancient Ruins, - - - Lecy Stowb. 11. Masterly Retreats, -] Ella E. Niohols. MUSIC- Anvil Chorus. Excuaed. Tho several compositions evidenced careful study, muoh thouglit, and considerable skill in the art of writing. - The pronunoiation was excellent, and the enunciation distinct, but in most instanccs too low to be distinetly heard at any great distance from tho platform. - ThU was uot the fault of the young ladies, but owirig rather to a real lack of volume iu voice. We sliall not deal in individual criti cism, but would say that in ons or two compositions there wasagreat surplusage of adjectives, and in one or two more too near an approach to masculinity in style, too free a criticism of men and evcnts to look cxactly well in young ladies, especially when some of the sharpest were based, to say tho least, on a total misapprehension of the facts of history. But, despite these faults, the young ladies did credit to themselves, tö their instructora, and to the school. In concluding the excrciscs Professor Lawton addressed the class briefly but iu a vcry happy vein, congratulating theiu on their having completed the courso of study, and expressing a hope that their esamplo would be followed by others, and that hereaftor a class of youug ladies would be annually graduated. In the courso of his remarks he paid a warm tribute to the memory of those young men who have left our schools, and the school recently under his chargo in another . town, to do service for their country, and have fallen on the field of battlo. The music for the occasion was under the direction of Mr. C. H. Düxison, and was appropriate and excellent. J53L= Prof, J. M, B. Sill, of tbc State Normal School, has been appointed Superintendent of Schools of the city of Detroit, at a salary of $1,500 per year. 1- Z - I J53T The hippopotamus which visits our city tu-morrow, as one of tho many attractions of the "great show,:' brote bis bonds whilo the steamer on which hc was a passeuger was coming up Detroit Kivor, and plunged into bis native elsment, to the great astouishment of bis owner and keeper, who didu't Telioh the prospect of losing tho $40,000 investment and prospective income. Tho ehase was an exciting one, but ho was finallv driven on shore and captured, so that the boys will havo a chauce to see bis Bchemothship.


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