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Death Of Sergeant Imus

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In a letter from Vicksburg to tho Chicago Times, dated May 27th, ire find the follow-ing paragraph rclative to tho decease of Sergt. Nelson Imus of the Chicago Mefeantila Battery. Young IjiüS was a resident of this city, and leaves many friends to sympathize with the bereaved inotlier and other relatives : Tlie 26th was spent as before, and today is so far no better. The members of the battory havo been called upon to mouru the loss of ono of our most worthy membeis, Sergt. Nclson Imus. who died in the hospital at Grand Gulf, on the 14th inst, of typhoid fever. He was most higlily respected by tho entiro b,attery, and hia loss is hcavily feit, as he was cstecmed for his inany good qualitios. His frieuds havo our most hcartfelt sympathics iu this theirgreat afliction. We laid liim in a soldiers' gravo, and covered him with sod, We breathrd a silrtit prayer o'er him, andleft him with his God. His remains wül bo forwardod bv friends as soon as possiblo.