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What Makes The Difference?

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We find the fullowing table n Lhe Liberty Courier, of Cadiz, Oliio.' lt shows tlic number of Uuited SLotes' Judicial Districls. the salaries received hy oiicli .Inclejand tlie amount of popülatioh ror which each has to ironsact. bnèfncsa, as indicated by tho mimber of RepM hnnd of voiiiyiitg tho nccnracy cfllio tublc, but presume t is correct.The District of Columbin hris n District Satigk wiih a s;ilary of $2.700. nnd two assist-arns kb a salary oí L2.500 cdcIi. Thus, if we onderstand the tabls, (here are ii) all 40 U. S. Districis and os niaiiy Judges whose aggregate salary is $75,700, allowuig #2,000 to tlie Judrre ofthe Weslern Pennsylv.Vpin Dis'lrjcf. Tne 13 F ree States and Torritorieg, whose entire population is 9,653,762. have s-ixteen Ju d ges: the 13 Slave States and Territorios, whose entiro free poputation is 4,GlSt873, have twenly-scvcti Juóges - nearly tvvice os many. The nmount paid to tlie Jilllges üf Ibe F ree ÖUtes ie $27,600; the amount received ly the Slave Slate Judies, the Federa) District, is $55,800 - a Hule more than lioice ns much. Each Free State Judge, on an average, receives $1,725: each slaveho'ding Jiulge, $2.060, or o'ie quarter more. On nn average, ench Free State Judge dipeiifes justice kiihutfny to GOS. 360 perrons for $,V2.5: ench Slavcholdin Judge receivfiF $-2,068 for exocuting juslice among L78,254 free pereoni - less than half the nninbr. The sla ves do not properly come inlo tlie account; for it is very rarely that a slave appears in the U, S. Courts as party to asuit. Again, look at the amoiint of tho salaries of Judges in different sections of'the country. Michigan, wilh a population of 312,000 lias one Judge with a salary cfs?l,500: Ohio. with one and a half millions, has a single Judsre, whose saiary is S 1,000: lowa and Wiscünsin, one Judge each, with a saiary of !&l,800: whije Fiorida, with a popularon of only 54,107, including ai! lier sloves, hasnv;-:Judges, who-e aggregtle salary is jiist 1 en Thousand Dullar?, while t!ie District of Columbio, which is just ton miles square, with a populalion of only 43,712, has three Judges, whose oggregale salary is $7,700 ! New York, with a people smounting to 2,428,021,oraboutoneeighth parLofihe whole niimbor in the Union, has two Jndges, wliose salary is 85,500; wbile Loui&iana, with a totul population of 0-14,470, of whom more than half are slaven, has t'.vo Judges with a salary of $t),000. Her white population is less than half that of Michigan! In the Free States there is one Judge to every eight RepresentaLives: in the Slave States ooe Judge to every five. From this toble we see that the Slave Siateshave nearly_twice aa mariy juclges, as the Free States, employerf at jnsv doublé the cosl. All of them are paid trom the nalional troasury, of which abont ihree qoarters is contributcd by the Free States. Now, we ask, what but Slavkry makes the diffêrence hert brought to view? U that bo not the rea cause, what is il? Skveholders, as a genera mie. are much less inclined to labor than othepeople, nnd llicir fliyle of living is more expentsive than that of northern frecmen; andseeing Ihcy condescend to accept of office, the goyernment conforms to their notions by requiring of tlicm less work, and paying them mor wages. The true remedy is tliat proposed by Mr. Birney - appokxï no Si.avehoi.dkrs to okfice!(Lr ín another place wijl be fbund a de bate on tbe new Judiciary bill. It scems}from tlie statements of the speakers, that it har never been formally rend in either House, an that many members voted on and permilted i to pnsabóth Houses without iiaviiigread r olthoogh it is as importont to ihe wholo peo pie na'onv bilí llwt has been inlroduced sinc Michigan became a S'.ale. If the bill was good one, they slwuld have read it, so as t vote for it on that account : if bad, they slionl have read il to expotn its evik, or surges amondments to ubvla'.e them. They had somc bri-ht leirislators down thore! {L? It appears by notices in the Argnson Journal that o discusfiion on the merits of th new License Law, especially ín iis appücatio to this tovyn, h nnnounced to commence Ini (Monday) evening at the Court House, and continue fiom evening to evening, us nny b desimble. A ducusion on (hls subject, right ly conducled, cannot fail lo be useful.


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