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Burro Abgus :- Tho iollowing puls having passed a satisfactory examation in tbo Grammar Department tfe promoted to the High School : „ w. Lawson, Thomas J. Howard, jfred B. Sager, Ileiiry Earl, jheodore A. Felcb, Earl J. Enight, jágjrBurnett, Louis L. Kelley, i Lathrop Gillespio, Daniel B. Fletcher, iubrey Grisson, Charles S. Milieu. jarah Fletcher, Clarissa E. Johnston, Cornelia Fletchor, Ellen V. Boylan, jlabel Fletcher, Vcnctla V. Deyo, Kjlie M. Alexander, Slaggie J. Donahuo, Belle Kellogg, MáryJ. Hoban, Ets Chase, Katie Pack, Ka'ticKogera, Mattie J. Speny, Katic Taylor, Mairafe Goodrich, r',e Gerner, Semantha ïuttle. W. JACKSON. gig On Monday afternoon hst we accepted an invitation to attend a pie aicgiveu by the oth Ward School.- Owing to all out doors being elothed in gjrbs of weeping, tho tables were spread n the school room, and bonntifully spread, too, with substantiala and luxuliesccough to tempt the appeütcs of botbold and youjg. Appropriate adressea were made by Rev. D. 0. Jacoses, of Dexter, and Ecv. Mr. BaunV) of tbia city; the girls, did themselves credit by singing a number of patriotie and sentimental pieces; and then the little folks, and somo of the big fo Iks, too, %ent in'1 and satisfied their hungor and thirst with cold meata and tempting biscuits, cakes and confeetions, iee cream nnd lemonade.


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