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„ i,i;liedevery Friday niorning, in thethird story of Pf ckblock,r.HrUf Mln aml IJuron Sts., ASS ' roh Micli. Entranceon liuron Street, opponite the ELlflÜ B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Ternis, 1,50 n Ycar ia Advance. tJrertlslng- One square (12 linea or less), one t 50cents; and 25 cents for every insertion thereÍ! ' ies3 tlian three months. ' ' SQUare 3 mos $3.00 Quarter col. 1 year 20 ! Lrelimos 5.00 Half column 6 mos 18 XüilMJWif 8 00 Half column 1 year d5 S „sa'rei 6 mos 8 00 One column 6 mus. 36 fro sq'res 1 year 12.00 [ One column 1 ycar 60 Js Advertisements unaccompanied by written or Idirections willbe published until ordered out, dctl?rfjiertslcmi!nts,'tirst iosortion, 50 cents per ■ )- rits lier folio for each subsequent icsertion. Lí' ' „o-itpcnemeut is added to an advertisement the h'l will 'bl i charged thesame as for flrstinsertion. ili Prinllng- Pampblets, Hand Bills, Circulars, „ jV Rail Tickets, Labels, Blanks, Bill Hcids, and Í Virietiesof l'lain and Fancy Job l'rinting.execu„d "th promptness, and in tho be=t style. 'ds-Wc bavea RugSlcs Rotary Card Press, and . .„netr of thelatest styles of Card type which l5" l0„rint Carda of all kinds in the neatest fclMtyle and cheiper than nj other house in the 'Business rards for men of allavocations and proinns Ball Wedding and Visiting Cards, printed on itoo'tiee. Ml and see samples. ROOK BISÍDIVG- Connected witli the Office is a onlorv in charge of two competent workmen. - f"'., R cord", LeSger., Journals, and all Blank Books CQioMer,and„fthc best stock. Pamphlets and Vik bound in a neat and durable manner, at De"tprices. Entrance to Bicdery through the Argus


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