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'oünty bible society. tFPO3ITORY of Bibles and Testamenta at the So]J cietj pnces at W. C. Voorheis T. D. TOOKER. nREMICUPHOTOGEAPHER. Exchange Block, Ann P.lrbor, Michigan. " f, C. WATTS & BRO. nEALERS n Clocks, Watches, Jswelry and Silver ) Ware No. 22, New Block, Ann Arbor. ' C. BLISS. rvEAKR in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry and Silver D Ware No. 22, New Block, Aun Arbor. Ö. H. MILLEN. rEU.EB in Dry Goods, Groceries, Croekery, te. &c. D Mn Street, Aun Albor. BACH & PIERSON. DEALERS in Dry Goods, Groceries , lïardware, Boots !: Shoes, fee., Main st., Ann Arbor. " O. COLLIER. MANÜFACTURER and dealer ia Boots and Slioes, one door north of the Post O.Tice. " N. B. COLE. DEALER in Boots & Slioes, Rubbers, &.c. Franklin Block, Main Street, Anu Arbor. ËISDON & HENDER60N. DEALERS in Hardware, Stovcs, house furnishing goods, Tin Ware, fcc , &c, New Block, Mam st. " 0. C. SPAFFORD. f AKtJFACTl'KER of all kinds of Coooper Work, 1V1 City Cooper Shop. Custom work done on short notiw. Detroit Street, Ann Altor. A, J. SUTHERLAND, AGENT for the New York Life Insurance Company. OSce on Huron street. Also has on hand a stock of the most approve 1 sewing machines. 885tf ■ GEORGE FISCHER. MEVT 5HRKCT- Huron Street- General dealer in Fresh and Salt Meats, Beef, Mutton, Pork, Hams, Poultrj, Lard, Tallow, &c, &c. SGHOFF & MILLER. DEALERS in Miscellaneous, School and Blank Books. StatUmery, Paper Hnngiugs,&c. , Maiust., Franklin Hoek. HIHAM J. BEAKES iTTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, and Solwitor in A Chancery. Offioo in City Hall Biock, over Wubster'8 Book Store. WM. LEWITT, M. D. TYHYSICIAN an.l Surgeon. Office at his residence, I north side of Huron street. and second house west of División street. M. GUITERMAN & CO. WHOLESALE and Retail Dealers and llannfaflturers of Ready-Mada Clotliiotf, Importers of Clotbfi, Caslimeres, Doeakins. &c, No. 5, Phoeaix Blook, Main st. WxM. WAGNER. DEALER in Ready Mide Ciothing, Cloths, CasslKieres, and Vesttags, Hats, Caps, Tcunks, Carpet Baga, ice, Phcenix Block, Main street. SLAWSON & GEER. pROCERS, Provisión and Commission Merchants, and U Dealers in Water Lime, Land Piaster, and Piaster of Paris, ooedoör east of Cooks Kotel. t."b. fre eman. BASfiER mi Fashionable Hair Dresser, Main Street, Aun Arbor, Mioh. Hair Fronts and Caris kept conïtsntly on hand. J. M. SCOÏT. AMBROTYPE and Photogiaph Artist , in the rooms over Campion's Ciothing store, Phoenix Block. l'erít satisfaction given. W. WEEKS. iQÜHVEYOR and Civil Engineer, continúes to give im0 medíate attention to all orders. Office a-t his resi ■fonee at tae corner of Ciitherine and Thayer sts. 869jl C. B. PORTEE. SURGEON DENTIST. Office Corner of Main and Hurón reets, over Bacli 4: Piefson's Store. All calis I'omptlyattend"d to Aprl859 T. 11. WEBSTER & CO. DEALERS in I-aw and Medical Books School Books, Blank Buoks, Miscellaneous Books, pens, ink, and nerjTariety ofStationery, Huron st. , City HallBlock. C. B. THOMPSON. BEAUiün Dry Goo.lfi ::n.] Gwccries, Boots andshoes, ÍK. Froihice bought and snW, at the old stafïd of liorapjou h lullen, Corner Míiin and Washington sts. MACK & SCHMID. DEALERS in Foreign and Domestic Dry Good, GroceriM.Hatsaml ('iips, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, ■4c., Corner of ilain & Liberty sts. O. A. KELLEY, pHOTOrjRAPHKK- Corner Fuurlh & Huron slreets, Aun Arbor. C;i.süs frames an'l l'hotoraph Albums onstaotly on hand, and at Jower rates Ulan can be fomaetatwhere. 3y891 "ANDRE.W BELL. D KALER ia Groceries, Provi.sions, Flour, Produces, &c., &c, corner Main and Wasliington Streets, -4nn Arbor. Tiie highest marhet pricespaiO lor country .luce. 866 I. O. O. F. WASHTENAW I.ndgo. No. 9, of the Independent Or" der of CMd Pellows meet at their Lodge Room, "y Friday Evening, at 7JÍ o'clook. JUScmdhsim, N. ö. P. B. Rose, Secy KINGSLEY & MORGAN. ATrflRMEYS, Counsellors Sölicitors, and Notarics Ui 1"1:ic have Books and Plats shQM'ing titlts of all 'l'51? tö Countv, an'l attent ty cqnveyancing and - uectingdemainis, anl to P&jmg U.u-.j and school inst d any pirt of the state. Office east of the park. D. llÉFOREST. WHOLESALE and reUil dénier in Lumber, L&th, R', Uoors.lilinds, Water Lime, Grand fnll r Plaster. Paster Paris, and Nails ofallsizes A kiní l)l!rfect aortiaent of the above, and all other i " or ouiHiog mitonals constantly on hand at the Rii , ! )!silíl ratos, on Detroit 8t ., a few rodsfrom the fil'iiv. Also operating extensivelj ín the


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