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Mr. Lineóla is not the oftly man in be world who has a knack of telling 'unny anecdotes ; at least we so infer 'rom the following, whieh we find in the ast letter of " Major Jack Downing" to be Caucasian. The Major ia narrating conversatioa with 8 neighbor: "Wall," says I, " Deacoa there hadn't rter been any war at all, but," says , "while tho South had a single end and )urpose, we've been at all ods and ends 'he war has been carried on by us jest ke old Sol. Pendergrast's boy plowed. }ld Sol. took his eldest boy Adam, a biek-headed feller out one Spring, and et him to plowin'. He told him to go work and strike a furrow across a field to black heifer, but when he got pretty clus ,oher,she threw up her tail and run off in nother direction. Adam thought he must follow the neifer, no matter whero be went; so he struck another bee line 'or her, and with jest the same result. - When he got clus to her, tho heifer gave nother frisk of her tail, and off she went. Adam geed his oxen around and struck 'or her agaia ; and so he kept on all day. At ite the old man cum out to see ïow Adam had got along. He found he field all cut up with furrows, zigzag, riss-cross, and in every direcshin and asked Adam wat on arth it ment. - 'Wall," says the thick headed numskull 'jou told me to stesir for the blaek heifer, and I've done it all day, and tho darned critter wouldn't stand stil], and the furows are kinder criss cross, see." "Now" es I " that is jest what Linkiu has been doin. Greeley told him to steer for the nigger, and the result has been jest like Adam Pendergrast's plowin'. There's a considerable fitin' has been done, but it s all criss-cross, zig-zas, and don't amount to nothing, and so it will be to fche end of the chapter."


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