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Col. Loomis' "coldwater" Battery

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A correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial relates the following fuDny incident : Col. Loomis, whose name is now engrave├╝ in history, and whose battery ├Ź8 mentioced with pride every where in the Army of the Cumberland, was, during the Virginio oampaign, Captain Loomis. He is now Chief of Artillery upon Roussoau's stafl. Captain Loomis, with his train, arrived in Cincinnati one Sunday morning, on his way to the Army of Virginia. Upon eauh caisson and every piece ot artillery was plainly painted, "Coldwater Battery." Services in a cliurch on Sixth street were just concluded, and the warlike array attracted the congregation's attention, and the ratber splendid fifjue of the voung though "venerableiooking" Captain Lopmis demanded a large abare of attention. The pastor of the chuich introduced himeelf, spoke with admiration of the Captain's men, &c, and with a hearty pressure of the band, remarked ; " Captain Loomis, yours is a noblo motto; stick to that, stick to that, my young eoldier. You have many hardships to undergo, but youv glorioue motto of Cold Water will carry you safely through." Loomis, for the first time, caught the idea of the parson, but was too courteous to undeceive the preacher by informing him that his battery was raised in the tovvn of Coldwater, Mich!gaa. I have spent many a pleasant hour with the Colonel, but never conld "see" the "cold water" part of his battery.


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