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Inconsistencies Of Misers

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Even arnongst misera, bowover, there are exceptions to the rule of uniform penuriousnesa. Elwcs, who added to his own fortune another inherited from bis uncle, botb amounting to half a miliion sterling, would dine off a hard boiled egg, or a piece of pancake wbich he had kept for two months in bis pocket. But ho would lose tbousands at play to men of fashion, pay bis debts and cover ask lor his winnings, wliieh ho thought would be ungentlemanly. He would not lay out a penny on tho education of hiti two bous. He thought that " putting things in co their heads was takina money out of their pockets." 23ut when Lord Abingdon had made a match lor eeveu thousaad pounds, Elwes, who kuew he had not the money, oflered to lend it to him. He would wa'k from one end of Loudon to anotber in the rain to avoid paying a shilling for a coach ; wonld eat bis meat putrid rather tíian ordnr a fresh joint ; and sit in wet clothes rather than ight a fire to dry thom, wore a cast off wig wbich he had picked out of a ditch, nd haviog torn bis only coat, took one 'rom the family chest wbich had boonged to an ancestor, with slash sleeves ïade of green volvot But to a merhant who conciliated bim with a present f wino he lent seven hundred pounds; nd a trifiing present, or work done for lim for nothing, was tolerably suro to be 'ollowed by a loan of rooney. He would e a poor man starve before he pmld aid lim ; yet in bonds to paors and others, nd on some American property, he is aid to bava lost one hundred and fifty .housaud pounds. ïhere were oocasiouul caches of humor ia hira. At a shootiug )arty, a bad sliot sliooting carelessly vounded him in the ehcek. " I givo you oy," he said, " of your iiuprovenient ; I mew you wouid by and by hit soinehing." At anqthër time, h.ayinz out joth bis legs deeply, he was with difficuly persuadid to employ a surgeon. But ie would only incur this expense iu favor of one leg. He would manage the other ïiruself, and offered to bet that it would get vvell first ; and it did. Thomas Guy was anotber exception. Sis wealth was enormous ; and at one ,irne he had proinised to marry his n:aid, the only servaDt he kept. He had ordered the pavement before his door to be mended up to a particular spot. The girl observing a broken stone beyond tbis Doint, told tho workmen to mend it also. 'Teil Mr. Guy," she said, " I bado you do it, and he will not be angry." The marriago was to have taken place two days afterwards, and the girl reasonably presumed she iuight exercise this little piece of authority. But she soon dis covered her mistake. Guy was so angry at tho additional expense which sho had involvod him that he broke off the match. Yet h o built tfiree wards on the corth side of 8t. Thomas' Hospital, endowed them with a hundred pounds a year for eleven years, and afterwards built and endowed the hospital which bears his name, at a cost of two hundred and nineteen thousaud pounds.


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