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Queen Victoria And The Bible

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It was a noble and boauliiul ansvver to the Quecn, tho moDrr.'ch of IVce pcople, reigning more by love than law, because soeking to reign in tho FëSt1 of God - it was a noble answer she gave to au Afnean prince, who sent an embas.agu wïth costly presents, and nt-ked retiun to teil him the secret of jinglando grentoess and TCngland's gltiry; and tha büloved Queen neiit him, not tho number of her fleet, not the number of her armies, not the M count of her boundless ïnerchandise, not tho details of hor Lnexhaustible weafth - sho did not like Hozekfah, in an evit hour ehovv the ambassador her diamonds, and her riuh orniiments, bnt, handing him a beatitifully bound cqpy of the Biblo, she, "Teil the nWnte that this is the secrot of England'w gicutness." . - . ui in flSj" Y' hen liabclais on his death bed, a consultation of physicians was callod. " Duiir gontlonian," said tho wit to the doctors, raising his languid hcad, i , 'me d9 a natural deatb."


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