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From The Fourth Michigan Cavalry

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4th Mich. Cavaley, Camp Paek, near Mbkfreesdoro, v June 17th 1863. ) To the Editor op the Argus ;- Knowing that our friends in Miohigan aro every ready and anxious to hear from thelr friends in the army, I will givo you aa far as my knowledge will permit, a partial account of the situation and affaira of the 4th Michigan Cavalry. We are now encamped about three miles from Murfreesboro, midway between the Manohester and Shelbyville pikea, the ono over which Vallandigham took'his last ride naide oí "Yankee" lines. We are situated in a beautiful piece of woods, and, during the warm summer days incident to these Southern climes, you niay be asstired that the shade a tree does not come amia3. We belong to the lst Brigade, 2d División of cavalry. Col. Minïy is in command of the Erigade, and has been ever sicce the army moved from Nashville. Of course it is well known that he is our Colonel, and we have every reason to feel proud of him, for while he has been in command of the Brigade he has won the reputation of being a brave and skillful officer. The men love and respect him, and he has tho entire confidence of his whole command; but he is about to be deprived of his oommand through the malignant ambition of superior officors, who fear him on account of bis fine military ïties. Lieut. Col. Park, who was Captain in the lst Michigan Cavalry, and was promoted to Major in our Regiment at ita organization, has lately been promoted to Lieut. Colonel, and now has commaud of the regiment. He is a gooc officer, and none better could have been found to fill the place of Col. Minty. We are enjoying, thank God, the blessing of pretty good health at present We can now muster upwards of five hundred men for duty, but during the winter we couldn't turn out half tha number; but that was owing to the hare scouting and the bad weather. The du ty of the Regiment for some time pas has been very arduous. The hard scout ing, the great aruount of picketing to be done, and the regular number of men each day for camp guard, all combine to keep tha men on duty most of the time yet not a man of the 4th Michigan cav alry would flinch from doing his duty and doing it well. Tho regiment is wel officered, tha most of them having bai experience in old Regiments. None bet ter will be found in the service; well ed ucated, thorough business men, such a will ever commaud respect and obedience from men under thoir command. I thinl I would be perfectly justifiablo in say in that they, as well as the men, are wel tinctured with fighting qualitiea, espe cially Cotnpany "A," and likewise al possess a great amount of hatred for " gray backs, " and love for "green backs." Our military appearanoe as a regi ment for sotne time past bas greatly im proved. Each day we have mountec drill, and under the guidanco of our offi cers, who take great interest in it, we are gradually learning the habita anc discipline of soldiers. Much jealousi bas been awakened araong other regi medts of our brigade at our superiority of drill and soldierly bcaring. Those long rifles which entitle us to a place o honor in every skirmish er engagement ar.d which have won for us the name o "bully fighters," receivo a great amouut of envy. But despito their envy, we are still bound to bold our "posish." Much injustic was dono us by the Louisville Journal in puWishing an article in reference to au affair that carne off with our pickets not long ago. The rebels drove in our pickets, and wo were sent out to reinforce them, and for upwards of the tlireo hours our regimont fought and held in check a whole brigade of rebels, but tho Journal awards all praiso to the 4th regulars, forgetting even to make mention of our services. Perhaps we are liko the bnukrupt and need credit for all wo doj and surely we will find no fault if we receive all that is due us. Yours, very truly, M. J. F. E3P The Jaekson Citizen enys that seven hundred uniforma havo arrived at the Provost MarshaFs office ia that city, for the men to be diafted. S The funeral obsequies oí RearAdmiral Footo took place in Hartford, Conn,, on Moodny last. A. brave offi-er Las gono.


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