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Two Lies

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The Boston Chrbnicle qimtes tle two lollowinff seiitrncos f rom Mr. Pulfe's Inaugura) as specimens of Presidcntiul Lyig." "Ttie president, in his inaugural, has tli followincr patsn{?ep, epenkinc of onr peneroi govornníert, "ItJeaves individuáis, over wbonh '. casts ts profeet ininmieficé, entirelyfree to improvetheir owncondiiion by the 'eyitiTiate exercise of all tbeir mental nnxl pliyuica) powers." . . Agmtti speoking of the conrfiiion of tiie Dcople of the United States, the president snys: (Genius is free to announce its inventions nnd discoveries; ond the hand is free to nccomplísh wrmtever the hend conreives, not incompatible wïth the rights of a fellow being. Ml distmetiavs of Urlh or of rank htve beun abolishcd. Jlll Cltiten wkether nativc or adop(ed, are placed vpon terms of precise cqualttyïtThe Chronicle conte'ids that tbey rt':iot mere errors or miatakes, for Mr. Polk knew they were false when hc spoke Ihem; and knoVmg this he put them forth for the expres3 purpose of dèceiving as iarge a portion of mankind os posslbJe. It does not look well to accuse tbo eilief magistrale of this great nation ofwtlful lyinglwhicU is the vice of siaves; hut what else can we say of these statements? They ore utterly false, and he knew them to beso; and the only npology we can make for him is, tlmt in. telen ! hese fce he only followed in the footsteps of lus Uiustrious tílaveholding predecessors.05"" The following proposition has been inlroduced into the Legislature of Massachusetts: "Ordered, on motion of Mr. Wilson, that the conimittee on the judiciary inquire into the expcdiency of providingby 'law, that any slave coming into this Commonwealth from Texas, shall enjoy all the rights of a freeman, and any person claitning or molesting him as a slave, be punished by years' imprison, ment in the State prison." 05= The latest odvices from Mexico state iliat Santa Anna was still in prison, nnu was to be iried by Congress, erected as a grond jury, on the 24th of February. 07 The Li berty Supervisor of Homer, N. Y. was elected by n plurnlity of C. Tho vote stoocl for Liberty, 200, Whig 0i, Den)ocratic, 147.


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