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It seems the copy of the License Law tbat we published last weck was not correct. We publieh it thla week from tho Christian Herald os it passed. It vnries from the other in leference to the powera of corporations in wards and villages. AN ACT. To modify the License Lnw. SKCTroN 1. Bc it cnactcd by the Scnate and House of Representa tiivs of the State of Michigan, That. nt cacli Yownship and Charter Election bereafter to bo lield in this Stale, the Inspectora of Elections shnll furn"sh,for the reception of the baüo's of qualified volers, an addiüonal box to be kept opened, ond the bollóla therein deposited to be canvasscd, and the result ascerlained ond declarfd in the same marnier with other votes cnst at aiich election. Skc. 2. There shall be written or printed upou the ballots deposited in eaid box by the qualified voted, ihe words "License" or "No Liccnpe," and if npon canvassing the snid votes it ehould be foi nd that a majority of the votes given were inscribed "No License," the towuship, city, and villnge authoriues, herelofore author'zed to grnnt Licensee sha 11 be thereby prohibited from granting any ücenso during the year next ensuing for the sale of intoxiicating lquors of any kind. Sec. 3. If upon such canvass it should be ascertajned llint a mojority of the votes thus cast were inscribed with the word "License,"' then the townehip, city and village authorities may, in their discreüon, grant hcenps for the sale of intoxicaiing liquore, secording to tho provisions of existing law.s. A. H. IIANSCOM, Speaker of the House of Representatives. VVM. T. HOVVELL, President of the Señale, -pro tem. Approved Mnrch 19, 1845. JNO. S. BARRY. State of Michigan, ss. I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true exemplification of "An Act to modify the License Law," on file and on record i the the oflice of the Secreta ry of State. In witneps whereof I hnye herèünto ?et my hand, and riffixed the L. 8. great seftl of the Stale of Michigan. Done at the Capicol in the city of Detroit, Mnrch 20, 1845. R. P. ELDRED3E, Sccretary of Stuie. QCf" The facility witli which a largo portion of the Democraüe papers, whxh last ycar 6trenuously opposed Annexation, have i-i nee ''juin ped Jim Crovv" arter Polk's nominalion, is tmly surprising. Wc fiud in the Ilompshire Herald, an extract from the D -ver (N. H.) Gazette cf about a year ago. The uentitnents hce adduced were then claiined us in accordance with patriotism nnd géfmiine Demonracy: now, accordTng to the GazeUe and the papers of the party generolly, they are expressions of Ahulitionism, Disunionism, and Hartford Convenüonism! H.lirra for tlje 'DNcnANGKABLR Ucmoiroct)"' II "The athnission of Texas into t!ie Union wouíd be a public disgntce, nnd degrade us in the eyes of al! civilizéd world. wonlcl arrav against us the moral influencie of uil chris tendom, nnd draw npon us the just rètribuUon of, nn incensed G"d." "The project, (il said,) sliould be crushed now, and Texas at pilhn? ardfi, vnion no miion, shouid be, MUST be kept out.!' Aiiain- "Bnt we trust the projectors of thie infmous plot to annex Texas lo the Americnn Union will be sinally defeat pd oud rébukéd.'' Tliere must be apittilion. AGiTATio.N, nntil the wliole Nortli is exri'od, nnd if Uie ruinous act is passed, it wil) be in the eyes and teelh of their remonstrance again.-t it.;' 05 We have before adverted to the fnshion of theslaveholding membersof the Sonate öniuttghtg up thösè candidates for office froni tlie Pree States, who may be at all objeciioniiblc lo them. In this wny they can t-lur their charncters without bcing compelled to addnee nny thing definite Bgainst ihem. But as Mr. Polk was in haste to forrri his Cubinet, tlic tlaveholders confirmed all the nominations of the President except Mr. Bancroft. A whiar Flaveholder wished his confirmation delayed a littlc till ie should havo time u inve.8U5T.ate rertain allecations agninst him in reference to hi8 opinions respecting Dorr'ö Thi.dnngerous heresy 'vas the ostrnsible reason: but it was understood that Mr. Bancroft wns BU8pected of disbeiieving that slavery was a divine institiuion. Besidos, bewas a Mnssachusells man, which in the absence of countervatlint( circumstonces, was of ttefelP primo facie evidence of want of due fenlty to "our domeslic institulions." But as nothingvery tangible appeared against him, after being hung up by the gills, just long enough io set nll thu rirtttori ngog to inquire after the reason, and put a murk of suspición npon him, the slaveholders grociously condescended lo admil liim on probation.{L7= A story hns been circulating through the paper3, thut the cnptfnlists of Boston had Btibscrihed 5)00,000 tor Daniel Webster, as an indacotiient to him to consent to become a member of the U. S. Senate. This was to be consklered os in part compensation for whatlie would lose in liis practice at the bnr, by consenting u serve the State of Massachusetts as Senator, and without this compensation, be was unvvi!]iHgto accept the siluation. The Broadway Journal gives a new version of the story. Tt states tliat 100,000 lias been éubscribed - $60,000 in Boston, ond the balnnce in New York; vvhich is to be soir;vested as to secure nn iucome of seven per cent, per 1 cinnum, which income is to be paid to Mr. Wesbter his Hfe, and then, if she snrvivee, to Mrs. Webster, aííer whose rleatli tho principal is to revert to the bhareliolders or donors. This is the most barefaced instance of beggary in high life of which we have board.- Webster bas had a lucrative professional prnc tice; and the perquisites of liis office as Öenator will average $2,000 a year, or more, and huif his time will be left him for lega! pur' Büits. Surely, if he neecis charity under theee cireumptances he must bn a very great spend thrift. Ol?3 Mr. Calhoun has returned to Soutf Carolina. His hualth is said to be considerably impairod.


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