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L am Bound for M. GUITERMAN CO'S ! Dispute the fact if you can, It takes the TAILOK after all to give appcarance to the outer man. If joh wish to appear well You must accordingly Dress Well Go to M. Guiterman & Co's,, Thero you will find things exactly SO. SOND HEIMalw&ya ready to take vour measure, GÜITEEMAN will sell you Goods with grcat pleasure, At figures L0WER than you will find in tho State, Take heod - call early, else vpü are too LATE. The iNDüCEMBNTS are now greater than ever, Our Clerus you will find obliging and clever. We will show you good CLOTHING oí our own oetting up, Filling our Store from Botiom to iop. STUDENTS especially will find it to THKIR ADVANTAQE, For it tnkes but LITTLE MONEY to replenish. 1500 OVERCOATSof Cloth, Beaver, and Bear, Warranted for almost ever to wear. COATS of Cloth aod Cassimere of our Offn IMPOKTAT1ON, Forvvarded through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany and France, Sueh as you can stand up in, or wear, at the dance. Pants ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMERES and DOESKIN of everv grade, We sell them iroïn ONE DOLLAE up tO EIGHT. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it so without fiction, Furnicihing apparels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all we say now, Therefore we make our bow. Tours truly, ever so, M. GÜITERMAN. fe Co., RIS DON & HENDÈRSOJN IQ TT C IKL DEMK" JES CRAÏN DRILL, and Grass Seed JBower, Manufactured at Springfield, Ohio. rpi-IE VERY LATEST IMPROVEMENT, and better than X all otlicrs; aiiapted to sowing Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley and Grass Seed . lst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. Sd. liever bunches the Grain Uli. Wever bréales the Grain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. Qth. Has high wheels and long Hoes. Ith. lias long and wide steel points. 8th. It has a land tneasure or Surveyor. 'dih. It has doublé and single rank drills. Wih, It has a self adjusting sluit off slide. It is neatly and substantially made, ThcKMs h:mlly a Drill offered in the markut but eau loast of inore cr lcss "FIRST PREMIUMS? 'hoy are about as indiscriminately bestowed as the title f ll Professor," whiob is soiuetimes npplied to the Jiddlcr1' or " bootblackj7 They cease to convey the lea of merit. ïlie Backeye Drill has been on Exhibition at quite a ïuraber of State and County Fairs, and without seeking avor at the hands of auy Cominittee, bas received its uil share of Preuaiuraa. x-tLoJ.ijyj.uiNiA.Lfc : We givo tlio following Dames of a few Farmers in this vicinity who have bought and used the Buckeye Drill ; Godfrey Miller, Scio. Jacob Poliieraus i( Jacob ïremper, - V Thomas White, NorthGeld. John Brokaw, ( Chnstmn Kapp, m IMward Boyden, Webster. James TroadweJl. AnnArbor, I);mie!O;Harat " " Johu C. Cuük, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, " L. Edmonds, Paline. George Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co. We arealso Agenta for the Ohio Heapcr & Mower, acknowlcilged to be the very best in use. "We are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Wliicli we -wili sell Clieap. Also alargeassortment o Gr3?ass Scythes. And tlio Iargcst and best solected stock of BENT STUFF FOR CATÏIÏIAGESever before offered in this market. Wc aiso keep a largo and full I NAIIS, GLASS, PUTTY , PAINT, and LINSEED OIL. A complete assortment of i STOVES, TINWAKE, AND KAVÉTROUGHSalways on hand and put up at the shortcst notice. RISTON & IIENDERSON. Ann Arbor, Jone 23,18. Bó9tt I li 1868. 1863. SPRIftSG GOODS! AT Reduced Prices! Just receiving at C. H. MILLEN'S MAIN STREET, ANN ARBOR. April 17, 1863. 4w900. 1863. spring. 1863. We are now opening A Large and Beautiful assortment of STAPLE AND FANCY Dry Goods ! LADIES' DRESS GOODS in great variety, Xt X BBONS, Xïx-eisis Trimrtiiiisa; efec. Also a large stock of Goods for Mens7 Wear, G'assimeres, ölolhs, &c. and a full assortment of Ladies and Cbildren's HATS, CAPS, GEOCEMES, OKOCKERY, All of which we will sell at the LOWEST POSSIBLE CASH XXilOE!! MACK & SCHMID. Ann Arbor, March 19, '63. 896tf CITY COOFER SHOP. Tliolesale and Retail, O. C. SPAFFORD Would respectfulTy announce to the cEtizens of Ann Arbur and vicioity, that he is uow iranufacturing andkeepsconstantly on h?nd a Large Assortment of Cooper Work ! such as Poi-k and Clder Ilarrels, Kegs, Fii-kins, Churns, Well Buctets, &c, Which wül be sold cheap for cash. CTTSTOM WOBK Made to order on short notice. Repuiring done Wlth neatneás and dispatch, 1 would cali particular attention to Merchants in want of Biittef Firiiins. lammanufacturing the dcw Yotk State Flrkln, which isa better Firkin than has evc-r before been offered in this market. I would invite all who want Firkins to Cali and exanine for themselves beforcpurchasingelsowlire, and I will convince you that you have called at the right place. I would also cali the atteution of 'Brewers in want of BEER KEGS, I am now prepared to manufacture Eights, Quarters and half Bbls. iö large or Binall lot 3, and of a Better Quality than can be had in Detroit orelsewhere. f-gPAll work warranted to give entire satis faction. Thankfulfor past favors and by a strict attention to business, I hope to meril a continued liberal supuly of the public patronage, ffi, Do not forget to callat the City Cooper Shop. O. C. SPAFFOED. Detroit St. Ann Arbor, lüch. 888yl GREAï.GREATER GREATEST BAIiGAIlsTS EVEE OFFERE.Ü 1859. Sn1859. In thi30ity, are now being offered at the CHEAP.CLOCK.WATOH, & tTO-7OXxy SStoxO. rpHESnbscriber wouldsny to the citizensof AnnAr1 particular, and the rest of Wahtenaw Cnuntv in general, that he has just ÏMPOUI'EB Dl. RKCTLYfrom EUROPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! All ofwhichhe binds himself to sell CHEAPER than can be bought west of New York City. Open Face Cylinder Watches trom 6 to $10 do do Lever do do 8 to 21 HuntingCase do do do 14 to 35 do do Cylinder do do 9 to 28 Gold Watehes frora ' 20 to 150 I have also the CELEJ3RATED AMERfCAN WATCHES, which I wlll seïi ter $35. Every Watch warrantbd to perform well, or the monoy reiunded. Clocks, Jewelry, Piated Ware, Fancy Goode. Gold Pent, Mualcallnstmmenta and Strings, Cutlery, &c, and infact avariety of every thintr uaually keptby Jewelers can be bought tor the uextninety days at your OWN PRIOES! Persons buyinganything at this wel! known establishme nt can rely upon getting goodsi exnctly as represented, orthpmonfy refunded. Oallearly and secure the best bargains ever offered in thii City. One word in regard to Repairing : We are prnpared to make any repairs onflne or common Watchea.even tomakinoer the entlre watcb if necessary. Itepairinp of Clocks and Jewolry rs' usual. Also the mannfacturins: of HINGS.BROOCIIS or anythinK dos ired, from California Gold on shortnotice. Engravine in allits branchesexeented witlineat, oess anddispatch. J C. WATTS. Ann Arbor, Jan. 28thl850. 7L4w Ayer's Agüe Cure. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT liaving been made in the conditfon of a eertain mortgage, executed by Nicholaa Doody and Bridget Doody, his wife, of Dexter, Michigan, to John Rabbit, of the same place, dated tho thirtieth da? of June, A. D., eighteen hundred and sixty, andrt-coided the third day of July, 18C0, in the office of the Register of Deeds of the County of Washtenaw, Ktate of Michigan, in Líber 27 of Mortgages, on page ö3, at two o'clock in the afternoon, wbictt aaid Jlortgage Tras duly assigned by said Johii Iíabbit to Richard Waish, bt deed ofassignment, bearing; date the 22d day of Jaaruary, A. 1). 18G3, and recorded in the said ofiice oi the Register of Deeds for said County of Washtenaw on the fifth day of March A . D . 1863 , at two and a half' oclock in the afternoon, in Liber 27 of Moitgages, oa page 03 ; upon wbich mortgage there is claimed tob due, at the date of thisnotice, the sum of one hundred eighteen dollars and sevnty iour cents ($118.74), and no Buit or proceeding at law having been instituten to recover any part thereoí : Notice, is therefore, hereby given, that on Saturdny, thel8th day July nest at 12 o'clock, noon, I shall sall at public auction, to tlie highest bidder, at the front door of the Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, County oí Washtenaw, the premises contained in taid mortgagej or 8o much thereof as shall be necessáry to satisfy the amotint due on said moitgage with tea per. cent interest and legal costs, togtther with all reasouable charges asan Attorney fee covensnted for therein, "that is tosay, allthose certain trae's or pareéis of land,situated in the village of Dexter, County and State aforesaid, known, bounded, and described as follows, to wit : One parcel beginning at the north-west cornerof land sold bv John Waldo,in block 18 of taid village, by a contract Irom Samuel W. Dexter to the said JoIib Waldo,and bearing date the 28th day of July, A. D. 1843 ; thence south-easterly on the Ann Arbor road 2g feet ; thence south 39degrees west 81 feet to an allej 16 feet wide ; thence westerly on the north line pI said alley to the wat line of said Waldo's land ; thenct northerly on said WUdo's west line to the place of begining ; being the same lot contracted by the Saii Samuel W. Dexter to John Van Heet, by contract bearing date the 21st day of May, A.D., 1844. Also that other parcel of land, commencing at a stake on th Ann Arbor road, 28 feet bouth-easteriy from the northwest corner of the tract Of hand, on block 18, wbich the said Dexter contracted to John Waldo, on the 28th day of July 1843, and running thence fouth 64 degrees east 25 feetand 7inches on the south line of said Ana Arbor road ; thence south 39 degrees west 81 fret to an alley lfi feet wide ; thence along said alley north 64 degrees west 25 feet and 7 inches ; thence north 39 degress east 81 feet to theplace of beginning." Dated, Ann Arbor, April 23d 18G3. RICHARD W'ALSH, GEO. M, DANFÖRTH, Assicnoe of lortgagee Attorney. "901 td Chancery Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial Circuit, in Chancerv, suit pending in the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in Chancery, in the City of Ann Arbor, on the 27th day of May, A. D1863. In the cause wherein , Thusnelda F. Bochman is comI plainant,aud David Bocbman is defendant, it appearing on the affidavit of D. S, Twitcheil, that the defendant David Bochman is not a resident of the State of Michigan, but is nov or was, not long since a resident of the State of Missouri, on motion of Twitcheil 4 Frazer, Solicitors for complainant, it ia ordered that the said David lïuchman cause bis appearance to be en tered and noticë tliereof to be served on the complainants solicitors, within two months from the date of thia orier, and in case of his appearance that he cause his answer tothe complainant's bilí to be filed anda copy thereof to be served on the complainant's Bolici tors within twenty days aftera service of a copy of said bil!, and in default thereof, that the said bill of complamt may be taken as confessed against him. Acrit it is further ordered, that within twenty dayg from the date hereof tht said complainant cause a copy of this order to be publishedin the Michigan Argus, newfipaper pnnted and published in the citv of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw, and State" oí Michigan, it least once in each week, for six uccessive weeks, or that the complainant cause a copy hereof tti be personally served on the said defendant David Bochman, at least twenty days before the time prescribeö for his appearance. GEORGE DANFÖRTH, Cir. Court Com. (A true copy.) Tbact W. Root, liegister. Twitcheil & Frazer, Solicitors for Complainant. Dated, May 27th,' 1863. NEW GOODS! NEW GOOÜSÜ DEESS GOODS, SILK GOODS, PLAID SHAWLS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, SKIRTS, PAEASOLS, CLOTHS, CASSIMERE5, Domestics& Groceries! These goods were purchased at much reduced rates, and will be sold far below the prices they have been held at. HENION & GOTT. CAHFETS, OILCLOTHS, CANTÓN MATT1NGS, Largest & Be&t in the city, Just Received at HENION & GOTT'S. Adü Arbor, April 23, 18G3. 901tf. D1SSOLUT1ON. rriHE COPART.VERSHIP hertofor6 existing betweM X the andersigned , under the name of Bach & Pierson is dissolveu by mutual consent. ÏLe business of tiie late firm will be settled by Philip Bach. PHILIP BACH, I. S. PIERSON. Ann Arbor, April 29, 1863. 9O2w6 Notice LL PERSONS indebted to the late firm of Bach S A. Pierson, either by note orbook account, are requestedto cali and settle without delay. PHILIP BACH; Ann Arbor, April 29, 1863. 002w6 All Losse promptly adjusted MERCHANTSMNSURANCE CO,, OF HARTFOKD, CONli. Cash Capital, $200,000. Total Asscts, Jan. lst, 1862, $237 387.05 Liabilities, .... 16,834,09 II ARK H0WARD, President . E.Thos.Lobdeli, Secy. The undersigned has been appointed Agent for the aóove reliable Company, and will effect insuranca agaijstlosses by fire at reasonablerates . J. W. KNIGHT. Ann Arbor, June 2, 1862. 855U FAEM FOTl SALE ! O I oíTcr for sale my farm situated in the Township of SciOj in Washtenaw County, on the maïn road from Ann Arbor to Jaokson, about Five miles AVest of Ann Arbor, and three aad a lilf milcsfrora Dexter. The Farm con sists of ONE HUNDRED & NINETY ACRES OF LAND composed gcnerally of a gravclly loam, susceptible of being norkedin wet or diy wenther, is well ivatercd byfa living stream, it is mostly umlcr mproiement,. wond land suffleient for the Farm, buildings and fenceB tolerflbly good, orebardof fine fruit. All of which will' be sold cbeap, onehalf of the purchase money lay on, bond and inortgagefor a tcrin of yMrfj J. H. M. ANDERSON. Soio, March 30, 1863. 3m898 For Sale. Two D welling Houses ! 1TW0 STORY FRAME DWELLING HOüí?15 and ÓÍ 4x8, now occupied by J. H Burleson. PoasQssioc givonOct. 1, 1803. Ui STORY FRAME DWF.LI.IXfi HOl'SR, BARN and LOTy4x 8, now occupied by D. R. Kelley, possession given April lst, 1864, good cellar?, cisterna and out about the premises. Property adjoining tbe house of L. C. Risdon on William street, Ann Arbor.-r For iuvther particulars intuiré of ANDREWBELL. Ann Arbor.llayli. 1863. 904tf Ayer's Sarsaparilla.


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