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Health is impaired and even life lost sometimos, by using imperfect, unripe, nnisly, deoaying artioles of lood. - The eaae money'e of a smaller umoiiot of good i.s more nutritious, moro beákhful, and more invigorating tlian a uiuch largor nmount of wbat is Oi an inferior quaüty. Therefore, get good food, and keep itgood until used, Bemember that. Fresh meats ohould be kept in a cool plació, but not froezingor in actual con. tact witb ioe. Flour &fid meul should be kopt in a cool, dry placo, with a epace of an inch or more botween the floor and the bottem of the barrel. Sugaks. - Havana sugar te seldora clean, heuca not so good as that from Brazil, Porto Rico, and Santa Cruz. - Loaf, crushed. and granulated sugars have most stveetnese, and go further than browu. Butter for winter use should be made in mid-autumn. Lard that is hard and white, and from hogs under a year old, is best. Cheese soft botween fingere is richest and best. Keep it tied in a bag hung in a dool, dry place. Wipe off the mould with a dry cloth. liice, large, clean, and fresh-looking is best, 'Sago, email and white, callod 'Pearl,' is besu. Coffee and tea should be kept in close canisters, and by themsolvcs. - Purchase the iormer green; roast and grind for each day's use. Apples, oranges and lemons keep Ionge8t wrapped close in paper, and kept in a cool, dry place. Thaw frozen apples rö cold water. Bread and cake should be kopt in a dry, cool place, in a wooden box, aired in the sun every day or two. All strong-odored food should be kept by itself, where it cannotecent the house. soap sheiild be piled up with spaces bo'weeu them in a dry cellar, having the air all aronnd it to dry it for months before using; the drier,"the less waste. Cranberries kept covered with water wil] keep for months in a cellar. Potatoes spread over a dry floor will not sprout. If they do, cut off tho spi-outs often. If frozen. thaw thern in hot water, and cook at once. By peeling- ofl the skin after they are cooked, the most tiutrilious and bealthftl part is saved. Oorncd beef should be put in boiling water, and boíl stoadily for severa] Louis. Hominy or 'samp' 6hoald steep in warm water all night, and boil all nest day in an earthern jar surrounded vvith water. Spices and peppers should be ground fine, and kept in tin cans in a dry place. A good nutmeg 'bleeds' at the puncture oí a pin. Cayenne pepper is better for all pui-poses of health than black popper, Baan?, white, are the uheapest and most nutritious of all articles of food in this country, The best mealy potatoes sink in etrong ealt water. Hot drinks are best at meals; the less of any fluid tho better. Anything cold arrests digestión on the instant. It is hurtful, and a wiuked waste oí food to eat without an appetite. All meats should be cut up as fioe as a pea, most especially for children. Tho sanie amount of stomach-power expended on suuh a small amount of food, as to be digested perfeetly without its being feit to be a labor," namely, without any appreciablo discomfort in any part of the body, gives more nutrirnent, ' strength, and vigor to the systera, than upon a larger amount, whicb ia folt to requiro an effort, giving nausea, fullness, acidity, wind, etc. Milk, however fresh, pure and rich, if drank largely at each raeal, say a glass or tu-o, ia gonerally hurtful to invalids and sedentary persons, as it tends to cause lever, constipation ör biliousness. Wkt fpthigïM jtpsu


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