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Written for the Genova Gazette. Onward ! to the field of battle ! Onward I where the bullets rattle, And the cannon's brazen throat O'er its fallen victims gloat ! Hie, thee ! where the sabres thicken With the blood of loyal stricken! Hie, tliee ! Where the trusty sword Hews like grass the traitor horde ! Men of freedom ! Men of valor! Cowards ! browed with womanpallor, Listen to the tides of war - Hear tliem surge from shore to shore ! Now, in God's √Čternal name, Will ye see the Nation's shame Unrevenged for t Now, if ever, Save the Nation ! Now, or never. Men of freedom ! will ye he Ilireling alav√©s ? Shall Libeity Die upon its native shore t Die 1 and ye be men no more 1 Can ye bear the Nation's taunting 1 Can ye bear their lordly vaunting 1 In the name of freedom could ye [ye? Bear their taunts 1 Oh, Freemen, would Rush, ye, from your homes of quiet ! Rush, ye, from the city's riot ! Haste ye on ! where tides of war Sweep the land with sacred gore ! Now, in God's Eternal Name, Save the land from death and shame ! Freemen ! Onward ! Now, if ever, Save the Nation ! Now, or never. Gexeva, June25th, 1863.


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