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Order Concerning Secret Political Organizations

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GENEKAL ORDERS NO. 5. Hkadqitarters District ov Indiana asd") Hicuhjax, Detartkunt of the Ouio, l Indianapoli, June 30, 1863. j The peace of Indiana has lately been disturbed by violence, murder, and other acta contrary to law, and having their origin n certain secret political societies, clubs or leagues. The common safety now demanda that all such associations should be discontinued, no matter to what political party they may belong. - They are a constant source of dread and mistruatJ- they divide and provoke hostility between neighbors, weaken the dfgnity arrd power of Courts of Justice, exposé th'e1 country tb martial law, and discouragothe people from enlisting in defense of the nation. No matter how honest or worthy may have been the reason for such societies in the begin ning, their very secresy and tb e oatbs they impose do enable wickednien to use them unto unlawfut ends, and pervert them into public nmsance. All good objects can be accomplished openly, and none but the enemies of their country ever need disguise. It ia perfectly plain that such secret organizations are both dangerous and boyond the grasp of the law ; they are therefore declared to be hostile, and will be put down by all tbe military power of the District, if need be. I nvoke against said secret societies the good influenco and active aid of all men who are iricndly to the Union, to discontinue and peaceably break up such organizations within the limits of this District ; and I cali upon the members thereof speedily to withdraw from their dark meetings, and openly show that their intentions and acts are such as may well become the true and loyal citizens of a country whose freedom and integrity w-ill maintain ngainst all enemies whatsoever,.and before the eyes of all the world. O. B. WILLCOX, Brig. Gen. Conimanding. [Officiaï.J 6 ROBKRT A. HüTCHINS, Gapt. and Aoting Adj. Generaf All papers in Indiana and Michigan, please publish.


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