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Railroad Accident Near The Junction

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Boon after the morning mail train en the Michigan Central Railroad had left the city, and when about five and a balf miles out, at the side track beyond Detroit Junction, it was run into by the Night Express from the West. A dense fog was prevailing at the time, so that peither engineer was aware cf the proxiraity of the other's train until almost the moment the collision occurred. Itseems that the mail train should have reached the side traek and switched off, and there awaited the passing of the Express, but opon coming even with the side track the conductor of the mail train, hearing the noie of the approaching Express, and seeing that he Lad no time to gain thesit8h) "êroijght'his. train almost to a dead'stop, and gave the signal of danger. This being heard by the engineer of the Express, and the engine of the oiher train partially appoaring through the fog, ho was enabled to inaterially check the speed of his own train, thus avoiding the fatal results which otherwise must inevitably havo ensued. As it was, both enginea wero somewhat braken in front, that upon the mail train having its forward trucks and driver thrown off the track, while the baggago car of the Express had its forward end completely knocked off its trucks and resting on the track considerably damaged. By very good fortune no dangerous personal inrúries were sastained. One man in the baggagfr car of the Express, we understand, had bis ankle hurt. and several othtrs received scratches. Frora observation of the mishap, and the statements of the officers of the trains, could hardly conclude to whom tbc blame for