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Fruits And Other Supplies For The Soldiers

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As this s tbc season of cherries and currants, it is desirable tliat all be retninded to secure all of thera tbat iapossible for tbc soldierg. It is found tbat dried fruits reacb tbe bospitals in mucb botter order tban tbe same fruils canned, tberefore, we recommend all to dry what tbey can. Tbe best metbod is to dry on plates by the fire or stove, but if any aro unable to adopt this plan, let thetn after the fruit is dried in the sun wash it and scald il thoroughly, tben put it in paper bags. Piokles are an important element ol healtby diet for the soldiers. We recoaimend tbe different societics each to put up a barrel or half barrel pickled beans The beans should be young and tender both ends broken off free from strings. - Soak them 24 hours in weak urine, then put them in the best of eider vinegar - When your barrel is full, wbich it should be within a week froui the time jou begin it, you will find that in beading it up a portion of tbe vinegar will leak out ; let it go, your pickles have probably taken up best of its acid, and after the barrel is beaded fill it up with fresh vinegar. Cucumbers should be prepared in the same way. It is a good plan to put two pounils of sugar to each barrel. Red pepper adds much to the flavor. As soon as onions are grown they should be gatbered and forwarded at the earliest possible dato. An artielo in the Sanitary Reporter, states that the surgeons who attended our wounded after the battles of Vicksburg, in the Spring, were enthusiastic in fheir reports of the rapidity with which our men rállied from their wounds, and attributed tbe favorable result to the vegetable diet which had been furnisbed tbem by the Sanitary Commission. - While the rebel prisoners hoked in as good health as our men, their wounds proved more fatal with the same medical treatment. This was thougbt to be due to their diet of corn bread and bacon. Saeur kraut, pickled cabbage and piekled tomatoes, are urgently called for. There is a constant demand for second hand shirts, cloths and bandages for dressing wounds. All such articles should be neatly washcd and ironed. Of the poultioe cloths the seams and hems should be torn out, each piece made smooth and the wbole rolled in compact paokages. We urgently invite those who have it to spare, to dónate to the Soldiers' Aid Society of this city, some thoroughly made eider vinegar. Any donations to this Society Í will receive at all times at my residence. Mrs. Sibyl Lawrenob, Pres. S. A. Society. VsF Vallandigham arrived at Halifax on the 5th inst , on the steamer Harriet Piackney. %gu" We give place in another colu mn iO an article from the Journal of Commerce, reviewing a singlo point made by President L:ncoln in his letter to the Albany It is worthy a careful reading. HP The regiment of sharpskooters, Colonel DeLand, broke camp at Dtí.arborn on Wednesday, and left for Louisville, Ky. J55C" It ia our private opinión that when the news is received in Europo of the recent victory of öen. Meade, the fall of Vioksburg, the advance of Rosecrans, etc, thafc all prospecta of mediation will be effectually squelched, at least all mediation in aid of the rebels. LST The totnl receipts of M Old Folks' Festival recently held in our city for the benefit of the Soldiere' Aid Society, were $433,22. Tbe expenses ofcondncting the Festival were $55, 58, leaving the net proceeds $377,64.


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