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The Capture Of Brashear City

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The oorrespondent of the N. Y. Herald gives the following : From refugees who arrived in camp to-day I learn the following details: - On Tuesday last, at four o'clock a. m., not unexpeetedly, as it is stated, a small Force of rebels made their appearance at Berwick City, immediately opposite Brashear City, and opened fire on our encampment at that place from two small pieces of artillery. The attention of our gunners at Fort Buchanan was drawn to them, 3nd after a few shots they were apparently dispeised. This, it appears, was a ruso on the part of the enemy: for scarcely had our soldiers beeu placed in position to resist any advanco of the rebels from that place when they were surprised by a large force of the enemy, which had duriog the night crossed Lake Palourde, and eonie upin their rear. The rebels entered the town and our men surrenJercd, I am very oredibly informed, without making auy verj' determined resistancc. Our loss on this occasion was nearly one thousand men, iueludíng a camp of about six hundred convitleseent soldiers. But this was not the worst part of the business. - The rebels, by the capture of our force, zained possession of Fort Bucbanan and Fort Scher.e, and another siaaller earthvork further down the bay. On these forlifications were mounted eighteeu or twenty guns of heavy cahbre, several oi which were the finest rifled pieces we had in this department. Sotne of the pieees we lost were receutly taken from Camp Parapet, otbers raised from the steamer Hinemau that sank in the Bay last March. Altogether this is one of the severest blowsthe rebels have dealt us in this part of the country. In military circles, Brashear City isconsidered a place of great importánce. The fortifieations at thi& point commanded Berwick Bay, the Atchafalava, and in faet all navigation from the Gulf to the Attakapas country. The rebel force we encounterod was under command of Magruder, and is variously from ten to fifteen thousand. The ebels in takiag Brashear City captured quite an amount of quartermaster and conimissary stores, as well as considerable ammunition. The enemy also came into possession of the personal baggage of many our officers and men who had left Brashear City on their rapid maroli to Opelousas, Alexandria and Port Hudson.


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