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Ten Things Worth Remembering

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Wat Ipiüpu Jp i. 11 yin uiin micaea iu a worm ieoec, lfjrjs select an insido oorner, bocauso 'n i slronger, and because your horses will aluiost aíways tangió their halter in ffce projectiug rails of an outside ourner. ñ. There, as well as elsewhere, if you tie with a loop knot, do nct aouskloE your horscs ticd unless the end of tho halter is tied thiough the loop. 3. Nevcr rest a scoop shovel against a fanning mili. 4. Do not prop a barn cfbor open with a pitch forkf f.or a gust of wiud may break botfo d:oo?' fork. 5. Plau }'our garden so that it may l)e cultiva-ted by a horse. Much labor may be tïi-ereby saved, and the culture will be wore t'liorough. Wheu pio-wing in warm weather yon' áesire to rest your team, stop on an emiueneo, if suoh there is, and always with your horses' heads to the breezo. - Five minutes in a favorable position is Vetter thau ton in an uufavorablo ono. 7. Label all paekages of seed or medicine. A lady last spring oífered me a package of what she said was choicc lettuco seed; when I reached piorno I found it contained melon seed. 8. A variety of farm produets filis up ïhe season, ocuupies tbe time of permanent help to advantago. and on the prineiple of "having two strings to one bow," and of "not having -too rnany eggs in one basket;" is more surc. 9. One of the greatest and most common defocts in road repairing is a failure t even tke surfaee. A turnpike luft in hilloeks is long a rough road to travel, and the littlo basins hold water, consejueutly they bceouio mud holes. 10 Iudustry, carefulness and skill are the elementa of success. More happiness is found assoeiated with activo habits than er was, or ever will be found in eooneetion with indolence.


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