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In New York city the Native Americnns eucceeded last year, leaving the Wliigs in a comparatively small minority. By way of encouraginnf thera at the present time, the Pittsbnrg-li Gazetie volnnteers Ihe following advice, which we commend tu the notice of Liberty men. "The Wliicrs of Piltsbiirph sny to their brethn'ii in New York, reinnin trtie 1o vour ovn nnmimilion - makt nn coinpromises,uhelher you have a prospect ofsvecess or nol. Belterhe dffeatid trilhynur owa mndidale, titan tcith Oud of anothcr party. In dcfeaU white standing biyovr own principios and your oten man, yov gather atrehpth, tohile snecess, r the effect of a comp-pomisn oj principies, and the desertion of your regular nominaiion, wdl rvhi yon." VVliat. folly to "thrmv nway jour volos when you know you can't Biicceed"! lVVhy not vote Jor somebody ivho can be elected?' Oí0 The folio wing port ion of the new Post Office Invv takos effect immedia'elv. - Hovr absurd ro pnss laws which wi'l be universnlly d3reg-irded! "Thnt all persons wha'fvpr, ivho shnll, after the. passage oj thig act. trnn.m')t by any private expressep, or otlier ineans declared ly this net to be onlawfuJ, anv letter or Intterp, packet or package., or otlier mnilnblo matlers, except newspaper?, shall for eacli and every ffence forfeit and pay the sum of fifiy doliirs."{t General Nor veil, of Michigan, is desgnaled brumor ns a prominent condidnte br the office of Commissioner of the General ,and Office. Michigan can spare him with Ivantag-e. There is not a more Ihorough ervile in the Stnte. tt? The papers announce the death of Ion. I . C. Batee, U. S Senator from Musfchusells. He died at. Washington. OT" The favor of our Brooklyn corresponent is delnyed till next week. His uuggeatons are under consideraron. O?5 The State Legislature adjiuirned on Vlonday last, afier a session of eleven vvoek nd one day. Ann Arbor, March 28, 1845. The price of Wheat has ad vaneed a ittle since last week. Buyers offer toay 78 cents per bushel. The weather has modera ted within a ew days; the roads are dry and dusty, nd the atmosphere is bland and delightul. The fine weather seems to have iven a new impulse to business.


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