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„ hlkliedcvery Frida.v mol n.npr.m th.third story of rfllbioï,or,ierof Main and Buron M...ANN 'b ()8 ; MicU. Entrence on Ilim.n itreet.oppontetlie ELI3Ü B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Térros, 1,50 a Ycur In Advnnce . ji.rtUlng- One square (12 lincs or less), one l! weent; nd J5 oenf for c-very insertion theroJJ' i,8 tliiin three months. 1 -, 3 raos $3.00 Quarter col. 1 yat $?0 0 'Í7,Ui S.OO H.ulf column 6 mos IS " ure 1 yew 8 0) Halfcolumn 1 var S5 SKiïï'm-i-mi 8 00 O., column B ño.. 36 J M're 1 yer l'i.00 One column 1 year 60 JL Adrertisements unacc.mpaniert hy fitten or W lïrectiun., w ill be publi.bed unül ordered out, 3&3!iS5!ïï2ïSi--t insertie, 0 fnt.p üntsptr folio for each nbaeftuent )cMrtioa. ï"' ?, i" p. nement I added to an ftdvertisemfmt the $"" be ol.a.ged tlie,ame as for fir-,tlnsert.on. , hPrilitlnlt-Pmpl.lot.-. Hand Bills, Circular ÍTfcUTIolS.. Labels. Manta, Bill Heuds. and Clk 'rieties of Plkln and Fancy Jol, l'nntmg.execulfith prompt ness, and n tlic be.t style , rdJ_Ve liavea Ruggles Ro.arj Card PreBS and fnetvofthilateststylcsolCard type rhich ''"hisuHo Print Cards of all kin& in the neat.M 6 lie -tvleand olieiper thau at), otter house ,n the ""te2nB i-aras for men of all avucatmns and pro"lf: , Bu"we.idmg and Visiting Cards, printed on [witVtice. 'Cali and see samples. onilK BISDIVG-Cnnec'edwith the Office is a ,v i.rr in chif'e of two competent ivorkmro - B"OÍh.'r cord , Le "L-,, Jeuml, and all B.anK Books -;" and of thé bet stnek. Pamphlet and "' 11 ,boun-l in a ueat and durable mannev. at PeJttiSS . StriSee to Hirdery ihrough tteArgm alia. _____---


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