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The Capture Of Vicksburg

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The mnin events of thia great eampaign are present.ed in a tabular order btílow : May 12, 18G2- Flag-Ufficer Farraglit demnnds the surrender. Jone 8 - Farragut passes Vicksbnrg with hi fleet. Juno 23 - United naval attack upon the city. July24 - Naval siege raised by Farrgut. l)t'o. 28 - Gen. Shennnn defeated. Jan. 2, 1863- Gbq. Sherman withdrawp from. Jan. 22 - Gen McCIernand prepared for 8Ícg operutionn. Feb. 4- Gen. G'ant arrivés. ptíj,_ 18- Geo. Grant coramenoes bombiirdmiji:t. March 21 - Admiral Farragut arnves. k arch 25 - Two gunboals run past. April 16 - Sis gunboatrt run pat-t. April 17 - Fiio opened irorn the Península bilUt'MUS April 27 - Admiral Porter shells and passes Grand Gulf. April 30 - Gen. Grint lanas at Bowjinpburg and moves on Port Gibsofl. Jlav 1 '2 - Engagement and viutory at Ruyinond. Miïy lo- - Battlo at Siisieippi Spring;-1. Mhv 14 - Occupa'ion of Jackson. jjay 17 - Btit-ÜH of' Uiiker's creek. ]y[;,y 17 - Buult) oí Big Black river biidgo. ]V].,y 17 - Evacuation of JuckBon by üeueral Gnuit. May 18 - Gen. Grunt loyesis Vicksbui-g. jjbv ]fj - Haines' and Chickasaw blu tt oaptnred. May 19 - Genrral S tecla carriefl th rifle pits, and (jen GrantV right and left rust iipun the iivor j[ay gg - ,An unsuccessful assanlt runde by Gen. Grant. ju'y'4 - Vickfliurg surrendered to Gen Grant. SiST vHtty clergyrnáp liad beun lopturiyg Ofie e,ve()íug i" a ctiiintry villago (Mi tlija uubjeet of temperance, id musuhI, aftisr tho leclure, the piedgtí was puHsed round (or f!ghatur, "Pnh8 ii that wiy," suid the lecturor, p"nti:g tovard i gang fli bloated and red nest-d loafers linar llie door. "Pass it alongr-porh-.ipa some oí' thoíe geiiUuinen vvould liko to join our íiauii." "VVe dbn't liite at a bare hook," grufiiy rnuttorcd one of the rmnmies. "Well," ivplic-d the ready elcrgynmn, "I bülittvo tliere tó a kind of ñsh cnüed s-iiek-ers, tbat, do ímt, bt,"


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