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Gallantry Of The Michigan Seventh Infantry

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Correspondcnee of tho Cincinnati Gazette. In writing of the last day 8 batlle, 1 was so cramped, both in sp::ce and time, is tq be corópelled to hurry over most important rnatters wiih scaroelya word. I liad ptirtieularly desired to describe, snmewhát at lengt h, the last desperate charge at. foiir o'clock ifi tli(! aftornoon, in which the rebels seetnöd to have ga'hered np áll thcir strenpth and desperation for ne licrce, convulsiva eftort, that whou'd Bweëp over and wash out obstinate resitanoe; but there wasleft me ncarcely a cingle pnragraph in which to do ït, and it is now trtö late. Less than jnstice, hówëver, was done to the Bplendid fighting of the St-eond Corps. Ii was tbero that the flower of the rebel army was crtricen trated, there that the heaviost sftoek beat upon and shook, and even lifted up and pushed back our line. We had made some fhallow riflepits. with barricades of rails trom the fences. The rebel line, etretehing away miles to the !eft, in magnifeerit arrav, but strongest here - Pickett's splendid división of Longstrnet's Corps infront, the best of A. P. HilFs veterans in support - carne steadilv, and. as it eeemeri, enistlessly swecping up. Our skirnishers relired flovvly from the Ern metlíburr; road, holding their gronnd enaciously to the last. ThÜ'febèls reserved "their fire tül they reached this same Emmettsburg road, then opened with a terrifjc craéh. From a hundred iron throats, meahtime, their artillery had been thundering on our barricades Hancock ivnswounded; Gibbons succeeded to the coinmand- approved soldier;, and ready for the crisis. As the tempest of fire approached its height he u-alked along the line renewed hi orders to the men tö reservo tl:e fire. - The rebels - three jVh.cs dtiep - came 8tcadily up. They vvero in point blank range. At last the order came ! From thricesix thousand guns lliere carne a sheet of smokv flarhe, a erceh, a sudden rush of leadcn death. The iino liter uil y melted away; but tboro came the seéond, resintless etill. It had been our supreine effuit - on the instant we vvet'e not equal to RBhther. Up to the riHe-pits, across them, over the barricades - tho momentuni of their chargo, the mere machine strength oflheir uombined nction swept thern on. Our thin line could fight, but it could not oppose weight to monientum. It was pnshed bebiud the guns. Right on carne the rebels. They weie upon the gun, were baj-oneting tho gunners, were waving their flags above our pieeea. But they had penetrated to the fr.tal point. A storm of grape and eanister toro its way lrom man to man, and marked its track with corpses straight down the line'! They had exposed iherasclves to the enfilading üre of the gaas yQ the western dope of Cerr.eiery Hill; that exposuro sealed their fate, The line reeled back- disjointed already- in an instant in fragments. Our men were ]ust bthind the gmis. Thtty leaped forward hpon the disjncderefj niaes; but tbere was liltle need foi ing now. A regiment inrew uown uk anus, and with coliirs at i's head, rnhed over and surrenáered. All along the field smaller detac-hmi n's (üd the sama. Webb's brigade btffMight in eiht hutidred, taken in íib little time n. it reqirres to rite the simple entonce that tells it. Gibbon's oíd división took filtoen st:ind f ci!ors. ' Over the fieldsthe escaped fragmenta of the charging line feil back- the tuttlo thfre was over. A single brigailo, Ilarrow's, (of whiuh the 7th Michiü-an i- part,) cainc out vvilh 5-4 less offieers, and 793 lens men t.han it took in ! Ko the wliole corps tought - so thuy fought ■'urther down the line. ret wü were very neur defeat. Our iimmunition grew ncant; ilie reserve iinmunitinn train was brougbt up and dritined; but for that we should have been left to cold Hteel. Brigade after brigade haa boen frward to strei)then t!io line; as the rebel attaek drt'ted back over the fields b.ei-e B ood n the reur j'ist one single )iigile thüt conwtitiited the entiru rerve of the Army of tho Potomuo. - Forty th"usand fresh tro:ps to hiive hrled fonvard bpwn tnut raírcirí+ug nwsa wouUl have endcd the qnjppttign uith the battlt-:- hut for forty tbopiaud we bad oaé wiisSed lirigade. T'ne rel)ela wera oon furmed ftgain and eady for düfense- tho opportunhy was lost. JLgf A Seotoli mbleman, seeing an old gardener of bis cütablishinent vcith a very ragged coat, made some passing reniarks upen its condition. '■ It's a verra guid coat," said the lionrst old inar. "I cani'.ot agree with you there," said bif lprdshtp. " Ayo, ït's jus a vera guid ooat," persistfd the old man; " it covers a coutented spirit, and a body tint owes no ninii anything, and that's mair than inoney a man can say o' their coat," jL5L" There isa stcry eurrent about a certnin wealtliy cotitractor, who refused to buy a eamcl's hair shawl for hls wïfe, on the grouud fhat nn article of the kind would make her look " humpy " abnut the shoulflr


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