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Freaks Of The Draft

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The uraft is attended by soiae curious reaults. In Boston several membors of the Board of Brokers have been drawn, One gentleman who had sccured a pas sage to Calcutta, while on his way to the vessel in whicli he was to sail, purchased a paper containing a list of the drafted men. He soon pereeived his own name among thom, whereupon he gave up his ontemplated journey and returned home. Ten men are taken from the Boston Eustom House, and ten from the Navy Yard. In' Chelsea, Massachusetts, the Methodist minister was taken ; in Charlestown two Protestant ministers are taken, and in Cambridge Rev. Mr. Murray, the Congregational minister. From one store in Beverly all the men are taken - owner, book-keeper and clerk. In Charleston two brothers, .wins, are taken. A lady residing in Cambridge has seni three sous to the war, two of whom have been killed in battlo and the third died from sickness. A fourth son was draftec on Friday morning. In one or two cases it was discovered that a man had been enrolled in two different sub-distriets, and ono man who lud been drafted in Boston bclongcd in Ohelsea, and his name was throwu out ïhis did not save him, for we was draf ted in the Chelsea quota. The Lowell Courier states that at Coneord, on Thursday, thirty-six men were drufted from the town of Acton. - A gentleman of that town belonging in fche first-class thought he would rather onlist than stand thü dnift. Ho deelarec his belief that he should be " elected,' taking au train for Boston he enlisted and secured his bounty. His f&rethought in so doing was made ap parent,, as his namo waa the first one draw il


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