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Surrender Of Vicksburg

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Viek.sburg, July 4, via Cairo, 10. Vicksburg surrenderod this morning after a siege of forty-seveu days, terminating in acgotiations lasting twentyfour Lours. Grant and Pemberton had an iuterview yesterday aftornoon. The last note of Pemberton, aocopting tho proffered terras of Grant, did not reaeh here until nine o'olook to-day. General McPhersou received tho formal surrender. Terras - all officers and men to be ! paroled here, the former to retain their side arras and horses and personal property. They will bo eseorted beyond our lines aad furnished with three days' provisión frora our stores. Gen. Logan's división marehed iuto the city at 11 o'clock, and at noon Lieut. Col. Strong hoisted the Stara and Stripcs over the j Court House, Col. Wilson is Provost Marshal of the city, and Gen. Logan j commandcr of the post. We have taken i over 27,000 prisoners; besides 4,000 noncombatants, one Fiundred and two fieldpieees, 30 siego guns, 50,000 stand of arms, ammunition, locomotivos, cars, a few stores, and eighty-seven stand of colors. Among tho prisoners are Lieut. Gen. Pemberton, and Maj. Gens. Stevenson, Smith, and Forney. Vicksburg, July 5. Yesterday and to-day, all passed of with remarkablc quiet and good feeling. The weather is fearfully warm. Ninoteen rebel General officers have been paroled. ïvo or three days will be occupied beforo prisouers are sent out.: - Their dostination is reported to be Taladcega. Many of them are aDxious not to be paroled, but wish to take the oath of allegiance, quit tho rebol service and proeeed north. Several women and children have been killed or injured during the siege. Three hundred houses occupied by sick and wounded have been eonstantlv exposed to shells. About 3,400 persons have been killed inside the works since tho siege began. The labor performed on fortifieations on both side is prodigious. The fire of our artillery knocked most of their works into uudistinguishable heaps, About twelve hundred women and children were in the city during the bombardment, who have for the most of the time been obliged to live in caves, of which there are several hundred. Citi zens were not allowed to draw from the army supplies except in cases of destitution. Prices of food have been enormous - five dollars per pound has been charged for flour and a dollar per pound for mule meat. Latest advices from the interior represent Johnston retrcating rapidly and Sherman in hol pursuit. Reinforcemer.ts are moving to Sherman. Offer of assistance has been dispatched to Banks, but it is conjectured that tho condition of the Port Hudson ganisim ib sunuar 10 uiat oí V íCKSDurg, weak. Henee its fall may be announeed any hour. The general opinión hero, both in the rebel army and our own, is that the rebellion in the West is at an end, or at least reduced to insignificant proportions. Cincinnati, July 14. The Commercial has Vicksburg advices to the 8th. Gen. Grant had finished paroling the rebel prisoners. They oumbered 31,277. The general officers captured include Lieut. Gen. Pemberton, Major Gees. Stephenson, Forney, Brown ind Stnith, and Brigadier Generala Lee, Taylor, Hubut, Cummings, Burton, Sharp, Harris, Moore, Baldwin and Vaughn. Immediately after the surrender of Vicksburg, General Sherman moved in the direction of the Big Black River with a large army. On the following day he met Johnston, drawn up in line of jattle. A sangninary engagement took alace, resulting in Johnston's. defeat and ;he capture of 2,000 prisoDer's. Gen. Frank Blair is roported in possession of Jaekson. Washington, July 14. Advices from Vicksburg to the evening of the Stb, state that 27,000 rebel soldiors had been paroled up to that time, and 60,000 stand of small arms had been found, rnainly in good condition, and more were contiually being discovered. They were coneealed in caves as well as "in all sorts of buildings. The siego and sea coast guns found exceod GO, and the whole captured artillery is above 200 pieces. The store of rebel arnrnunition also proves to be suprisingly heavy. The stock of army clothiog is officially invoiced a $5,000,000 Confedérate prices; 60,000 pounds of bacon was found in one place.


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