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Terrible Riot In New York

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A disgraceful riot, and odc of tho larest proportions known to the histoiy of sur country broko out in New York City on Monday foronoon last, and continued tlirough that day, Tuesday, and Wedncsday. The object of the riot was to prevent the draft. The drafting office of the 9th Congressional district, corner of Third Avenue and Porty-sixth street was first assaulted, the officers roughly handled and driven off, the building gutted and burned. Frora this .point the riotersextonded their work of destruction to other parts of the city, overpowcring pólice, burning, plundering, and committing hellish acts. By the aid of the military, the entire pólice, the appeals of Governor Seymour, and the temporary suspension of the draft, comparative order had been restored at Wednesday noon. We have no room for details. - Several New York regiments have been recalled from the Army of the Potomac, and we hope that order will be restored, and maintained, and tho inciters and leaders of the mob brought to speedy punishment.


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