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The "barry Guards."

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Maj. Hall, formerly Captain of Co. D, (Barry Guards), Fourth Michigan In fantry, writes to Maj. Barry, under date of July 3d, and endoses a list of the jasualtiea in bis company. From his letter we make the following list of killed, wounded, and missing: Killed. - Corporal C. W. Philips, Norman King, and Wm. A. Pryor ; Primates Ellis B. Comstock, and Chas. A. Rouge- 5. Wounded.- Sergt. F. A. Sheets, arm, hand, and leg - severe ; Privates D. Zimmerman, head- fatal; John J. Dates flesh wound in thigh ; W. N. Cromwell, thigh and calf of leg- severe ; James M. Huddler, leg- slight; Quinby H. Crawford, hoad - severe; Wm. Lynch, and Geo. L. C. Hughes, foot- 9. Missing -Sergt. Oliver S. Smith, Corporal Lewis F. Whitman, Privates David Webster, Jas. P. Silsby, Jacob F. Cook, Flaviua J. Dextcr, Geo. E. Marshall, Jacob F. Binder, and Washington J. Smiih - 9. Uapt. Hall says at the date of his letter his company numbered but 8 men. He sums up the loss of the regiment - aside from officers - as killed, 23 ; wouuded, 70; missing, 89; total loss 182. P. S. - Later advices say that David Webstee, son of Stephen Webster of this city, reported missing above, had returned to his company safe and sound. We trust that others reported missing have also rejoined the company. L" We invite attention to correspondence between Moncure D. Conway, a full-blooded abolitionist and James M. Masón, Confedérate agent in England This proposition of Mr. Conway's is to tbe poiat, and no doubt speaks the views of that class of American politicians who scout at the idea of prusecuting the war for the restoration of the Union, and who brought the pressure to bear upon the President wbich produced the " Pope's buil against the cornet " - that is the emancipation proolamation. J55T The efforts of the radicáis to charge the New York riot upon öov. Seymouu will prove futile. Gov. S. teaches obedienco to law, and his appeal to the President to suspend the draft was not to give victory to the mob, but to aid in reducing its proportions and subjecting it to control. He distinctively told the rioters that they must obey the laws, and that their remedy for wrongs real or supposed was in an appeal to the Oourts. ETST The rebel chicf Morgan, with three or four thousand troops have been making an extensivo raid Xïorth of the Ohio. He crossed the river some distance below Louisville and at last advices was betwocn Cincinnati and Daytou having cut all the railroads in his line of uiareh, " swapped " horses, pluudered towns, and raised a muss generally. It is hoped that his whole forces will be captured. jL3E"" Colonel C. F. Taylor, of the Pcnnsylvania Buektail Regiment, was killed in one of the recent battles at Getty8burg. Col. ïaylou was a brother of Bayard Taylok, the poet-traveler. - He was formely a student in the University here. Ile was only 23 years old. 565? Advicos f'rom Gen. Eosecrans' department say that he is driving the enemy beforc hirn. He ia making for ChattivDooga, the key to Eastern Tennessee, ani will haveit w:th or without a fight. Gen. R. is repurted as having captured 4,000 prisoners since he commenced his movement. ÜJjC" (ion. Dix has been orderod to the department of New Englaod and New York vice Wool relieved. LS" Oom. PoRTBit has been promoted to Rear Admiral, his eomniission to date from July 4th, 18G3, the day Vicksburg surrcndercd.


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