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The Coming Draft

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War DBpahtkbñt, Washington, PaovoeT Makpimi, (;eni:k..i.',s Ukfice, v July 12. j Circular 44. - Toanswer the inquiries made to tbis office it is announced ; First, That any drafted person paying $300 under section 13 of the eurollment act, is thereby cxcmpt from further service under that draft, but not from any subsequent draft. Seco?id, Any drafted person furnishing a substitute is exerupt from military service for the period for whieh said substitute is mustered iuto service. Thtrd, A substitute once mustered into service cannot be drafted while in the service. Fourth, A drafted man cannot pay exemption or hire a substitute after he has presen ted himself to the board for examination. Fifth, Men wbo, on the 3d of March, 1863, were in the military service of the United States as substitutes under the draft of 1862, and whoso terms of service havo since expired, are not Hable to the present draft, but the persons for whom they were substituted are Hable to dralt the same as though they liad not been drafted and furnished subttitutes. Sixth, ín serving tho notiee as required by circular No. 42 from this office, a reasouable time to report shall in each case be granted by the board of enrollment to the men in the State service who have or may be drafted.


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