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A young man, a nephew, liad bocn to sea; and on his return be was riartitihg to las unció au adventure uhícli lie liad met on board a ship. I was one tiiglit Icaning over the tailrail, looking down into tlio íuighty pecan, S3Íd the nejibcw, whom wo will cali Williain, when iny gold watch feil f rom my fob and imniediately sank out oí' sight. Tlie vesel waagoing ten knots an hour ; but nothiiig daunted, I sprang over the rail, down, down, and after a long search, j found it, caino wp close under the stern, nd elirabcd back to the deck, without any onc knowing I had been absent. 'Williaui said liis mide, slightly elevating his broad brim and opening bis jycs to their widest capaeity, hovv faut did thee say the vessel was going. Ten knots an hour. And thee dove down into the sea, and camc up with the wateh, and climbtd up the rudder chaina? Yes, únele And thee expeets me to believe thy story ? Of eonrse ! You wouldn't dreara of callmg me a Har ? Williïin, replied the unele gravely, thee kr.ows I never cali an}' body names; but William, if the Mayor of the city were to come to me and say, Jusiah, I want thee to find the biggest liar iu Philadelphia, I would come strait to thee, and put my hand on thy shoulder, and say lo thee Williaui, the Mayor wants to see thee.


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