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To Cure Consumption

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-Dr. Dio Lewis views on this siibjeét aro thus eumrntid up by thu Methodist Frotestant : Removiil to :t warm ude, so gonertilly prescribed soine yeurs aio, is miw rarelv advised. A moisl atraosr (ihere is deemed lesa hurtftil Iban a very dr}' one. Cougha and thront difficiiitics are cnmparatively rare in tho spinning departinent ol faetones, vvhere it ' naciessary to maiiraïn a wann atiniisphero. In rooms heated by stoves and iurnaees, nmisture should alwuys be maintained by meuna oí thu evaporation of water, Tight cfressea and b:indages upon childi'ün, "to give thtm shape," and the practico of exposing their arms in damp, cold Beasofls, or during the cool summcr eveninfs, is deelared to be the cause of death to thou Bamis. Woolen nderclothing is strongly recornmended; eaercisb in the open air, such as walking and ridingon horsebnek; irceives favorable mention; but the system of exercise most highly commended consista oí' a series of movements, il'ustrated ty means of plates, designed to develop the muscles of the chest, and by causing a flow of blood to the snrface, prevent or remove irritation within.


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