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Attention, Little Boys And Girls

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- The Chaplain ot the 3uh Indiana regiment wiitea thus to a lrieiid. Little boys and girls will pay attentioa to what he says : !'I wijsli Í' could multiplv ïnyselfinto a enmmitteo of about 500,000 I would go to everv bright eyed liltle patriot in the land and tuke him by the hand. and I'd teil that little boy that I wanted that little hand 10 piek and drv one qnart of bluckbemes flr the soíd:er.; then I'd teil that little girl that little hand must piek a qnart of chonies or plums, and that she must make a little bag fnr the plumsor cherries, and one for her brotber's berries, and that they must put their names on the parcel and send it to the Coimnission, and thu-ri, olthoiigh they may not hear it, Gf)d will heaf sorne poor fick wldier Biiy, 'God blesH tliat dear ebild.' " g" I once heard somo little girla talking under a pear tree, and one was telling the otbers : " I help mother, I run up stairs for her, and do her errands. I du everything slie asks me; and I fetch my pa's boots, and nis slippers, and place liis arm ehair for him I find his handkercbief and his hat, for my pa doti't always ' remember wbcre he puts things ; and he calis me such a fuuny name," said the Little girl with a cherry laugh. " What ? " asked the little girls, listen ing. "Trot-foot - little trot foot," said sbe. How useful these svteet, obliging little trotfoo-ts are ? l" If you wish to increase the size of your eyes, just keep an account of the money you spend fuolishly and filthily, aud add vip at the of the year. B@u Pronlice laughs at the heading. " Astonnding Robbery," which fivquently appears in connection with mie fraud on the government. ile sa3'S he oecasionally sees cases of astounding honesty, "Aai robbery no lmigor astounds.


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