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Unacceptable Gratitude

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J n late of the Sixteenth Regiment, was a few days ago walking down Main treet, 'whcn be was accosted by a fellow, half solJier, half begger, with a inost reverential military salute : " Gfod bless your honor ! (said tho wan, whose accent betrayed hiin to be Iriah,),ond long life to you." '"How èo yoa know mo ? " said the lieutenant. '' Is it how do I know your honor ? " responded Pat. " Good rigbt, sure, I havo to know tho man who saved my life in battle." The lieutenant, highly gratified at ibis tribur to kis valor, slid a fifty cent bill into hia hand and askej him when ? " God bless your honor and long life to jou," said the gtateful referan. - "Sure it was at Antietam, wheo, seeing yoitr honor run away as fast as your legs would carry you frora the rebels, ï iullowed your lead, and ran after you out of tho way; whereby, under God, I saved my life. Oh ! good luck to your hoaor,. 5 never forget k. bo you."


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