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THE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES WILL be for th HialiLg of th Ntions. MM. 0PL. O". IjYONS, THE GREAT AND CKLEI1RATED PHYSIC1AN of the TUKOAT,LUN'GS, HEART, LIVhK AND THE BLOOD, Kdoitu alt over tbrcouutrv au the CKLKBKATKD TJSTX)IA.?T} HEBB DOCTOK 1 Of 282 Superior Straet, Cleveland, Ohio. Will visit the fulluwiug plact, ti APPOINTMKNTS FOK 1802, 1803 and 1864. Prof. R. J. Ljrons can be coniulted at tho followlng placen every inonth, vii: Detroit, Kusai'I HouHe, eacb month, 18tli jvij] 10 tb. A u ii Arbor, Monitor House, rach month, 20lh. Jackson, Hibbard House, each month, 21. Adrián, Brackfit House, each nionth 22J anti 23d. Toledo, Dbiü.i.'ulUua House, oach month 34th,25th, aldiWth. Hillsdale, Mich. , IlilNd&le House, each month , 27th. Coldwatr, Mich., Southern Michigan lioune, tach month, 281h. Klkhart, Elkhart House , each month , 29th. South liend, lud., St. Ja. Hotel, each month, 30. l.apnrtc, lnd., Tm barden House, each month 31st. W. meter, Ohiö, Crandell Kxchanget ich month. 7th andSlh. Mauíiñeld, Ohio, Wiler House, each month, 9th and lOth. Mt. V'ernon, Kenvon lious, each month,llth and lïth. Newark, Ohio, Holton House, each month, 13th and Mth, rainesville.Ohio, CowlesHou.e, each month, 4 th CXtVEI.ANÜ, OUIO, REHIDEN3K AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET, Kast of the public square, oppostte the l'oHtuLQce. Office daya each inontb, lst, 3d, 4tht 5tbt 6th, l&th - Office hours from A. M. to 12 M, aiid from 2 i M. to 4 1'. M. OuSunday from 0 to 10 A . M.,aud 1 to 2 F. il. strictly adhered to- I givw riuch balm as har do itrif, With nature or the las of üfe, With blood inv hands I nercr stftin, Nurpoisun men toease theirpiiii. He is a phytician indeed, ivho Cures. The Indian Her.. Doctor, II. J. LYON3, curri, the ful lowing coiupiaÍDtH in the most ubstiiinte stagen oí their exiatcnce, viz: DifieaDes of the Throat, I-uns, Henrt, l.iver, Stom:h , Drops y in the Chust, Kheuiuatisni, Neuralgia, Kits, or Kallinf(.Sickrif!ss,;ii)JaIl ruher urToustIririiit,'fiufiitK. Also alldiücafio of the blood, uch uk Scrolula, ürysipt-laa f Cancers , Fe ver riores, Leprosy, ad all other coinplicated clironic complaints. All forms of femalo difficultiea attendttd to with the h&ppiest resulta. It is hoped that no one will deripair of a cure uotil ilit'v have given the Iodiao Herb ioctor's Medicines a fnirand faïthful trial. #É5ur'nK the Doctor'f travcIh in Kurope, Weet Indies, South America, and the L'nited Statre, he ban been the instrument in (imi'.i hand. to revtore to health and vigor thousandri who were (fiTen up n-i pronounced incurable by ihe most tminontold school physicians; iiay, more, thoutands whoHtre on ttm vtrge of the prav-, are now living moLuments to the Jodian llerb's Doctor's skill nn succeseful trcatment.andare daily exclaiming: "Blensed be tht'day when first we sw and partook of the India ii Ilerb Doe tor 'a medicine. " íatisfactory rfferencefiof careí" will be gladly and cheorfully iven nhenívor requird. The Poe tor pldges hii word and honor, tbnt ho will in no or indirectly, induce or cauae any in v.iliil to takt hir, medicine without th itroogest probability of a cure. a Mode of x t mina t ion, which is entírly different from the faculty. tr. Lyon profeases to discern diseaseit by the eye. He therefore askn noquestionH, nor does he requíre patipnfito explain Rymptomn. Cal f one and all, ind have thrxymptoms and loeation of your diseiiseexplainedfree of charge. f'jFThe poor cbtll bf liberally considtred. 4-Poatofflcenddreí!8, box 26A3. R. J. LYONS, I. Clereland, Ohio, Nor. 55. 18Ö2. ly80 UNIVERSAL CLOTHBÍIWBIMER. NO. 1. Ijlrll'[[lWIWll ti1). 00 No. 2. MxDlcx " " 7.00 No. 'iy, " " 6.00 No. 3. .uMilt " " ... il0 No. 8. I..'. 1 HvTlt ' 14.00 No. ÍS. Mkdkm LaCRHH ( torunbj 1 18.00 No. 'Ji. l.AKUK " ütfl&in or y 30.00 (. - band. ) No. 2 and 3 hay do Cog. All othr ar warranted. No. 2 ím th lixa gnra!ly unfl in prirat familici. ÜRANCK Jciid, oí tL "Amtrican Agriculturilt " ifn oí til UNIVERSAL CLOTHES -WHINGER. "A chüd can re.ulilr rriui{ out tubfull o f clotheii in x few mfnates. It i íu rftality n CLOTHES SAVER I ATJMBSAVER! ad STKNGTH SAVKK ! The aring of j{arraent8 will ulone pay a larga per centage on its We thiok the machine much inore than PAVá KOli ITíEI.K EVEBY YEARin the savias of garments! Tbere are severa] kiDcU, n&rly alike in tfearal conptruction but wc consider it important that the Wringer be fitte! with Cogf, otberwiíie a. mar of garluents üiny clog the rollers, and the rollers upou. the crank-hait slip and tar the clothef, or th rubber break Ioose f rum the sb&ft. Our own is one ef the flrit mak,and it ia nearly as GOOD AS NEW after nearl FOUit YEAIW CONSTANT Uáü." Every "Wringoi with Cog Wheel U Warranted in reí y Particular. NO WRINGER CAN BE DURABLE WITHOUT C06 WBEELS. A good CANVA8SKR wntd in Try towo. I íV" On recipt of the price frotn placas where no one íb selliog, we will send the wriagfr rxxa -r izPKNSR For particul&ri tnd circulan adJreis 915tf R C. BKOWNINü, 347 Broadway. N. Y. Kor HM, Mier, flnarlin Aflt, Brd Bug, Moths In Fur, W.M. lm &e. lunet on Plitut, FokIi, Animal, Sic. " Onïy infallible remedies known." " Vree from poifonn." " Not dangírouB to tbe ITulnan Familj." " KaU comfs out of thcir holftl to di." &f SoM Wholt-Ble in all largo c'ticB. Sold bj all Pruggit nd Ketnüori crerywher, 3" ! ! ! liütiru I i ! oíttll worthlea imitition. JT See that "C'obtír's" narae i on cl Box , Bottle and Klank, bpfore vou buy. jW Addrusi HKKÍIV R. COSTAR. í" Principal Dpot, No. 498 Ilroftdway New Yort. ty Sold by all tbs Whuleaale and KeUil Druggis, Ana Arbor, Mi'ch. 913m3 GOOD One Shilling per Pound ! Eight Shillings per Pound ] BEST KEROSENE OIL 4 SHILLINGS PER GALLON! CHOICE ARTICLE OF COFFEE, Prppare4 of Coffeo and Chiccory fresh ground erery day. nd warranted nuperior to anytbiogio thii market or the moncy refunded, AT 2 SHILLINGS PEtt LB. CROCKERY, GLASS WARE, TABLECUTLERY, LAMPS, FRÜ1TCANS. and all othr goodl at about old priem. X. DeFORrST. Ann Arbor, .tun 3S, 183. HOU. For Sale. Two D welling Houses ! 1 TWO STORY FRAME DWEltílM HOÜSI arnl tet 1 4 j B.nowoceupied bj J. H Barleion. rosnioo 6' i'5 STORY FRAME DWEI.I.IKfl HOUSE, BARN and LOT (i 8, now oceupitd by D. R. KflUy, poiMMion ti-rfr April lt, 184,giol cllar, eist" and out Suitlinef bout the prf mlfi. Proprrty adjoming tb bouw of L. C. Riidon i M)llao s1ret, Ann Arr.- rrr íuríter parricularB ÍDulrof Acn Arb"r, Mv U, lMh. SJ4lf Tuk peculiar taint or VsOW nfcction which wo cali SK$ iA Scrofii.a lurks in j vï t'ie constitation? of -ï? S. Sr multitudes of men. It lví í4 t''t'ler produces or is ücrBt fceblcd, vitiated state fpyr!%í' fifv "'of the hlood, whercin FfPül 1Étllat "llil1 bccomes in' rjLjBfc a .fÉS&nïk competent to stistnin rf?W KjJESBiEïïj '''' vital torces in their SEJfj :3mEEEÍÍ vigorou.s action, and ulTLxcT- j-vÜ " - 1'1C systcm to H?!j?=ÏS5&pï' f'dl into disorder and contamination is-variously caused by mercurial disease, low living, disordered digestión from nnhealthy food, impure air, filth and filthy habits, the depressing vices, and, nbove all, by the venereal infection. Whatever be its origin, it is liereditary in tho constitution, descending " from parents to children unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed, it seems to be tho rod of Him who says, " I will visit tho iniquitics of the fathers iipon their children." Tho diseases which it originatcs take various namc9, according to tho organs it attacks. In tho lungs, Scrofula produces tubercles, nnd finally Consumption ; in the glands, swellings which suppurato and become ulcerous sores ; in the stomach and bowels, derangements which produce indigestión, dyspepsia, and liver complaints; on tho skin, eruptivo and cutaneous affections. These all having tho samo origin, requirc tho same remedy, viz. purification and invigoration of the blood. Purify tho blood, and these dangcrous distempers leavo you. With feeble, foul, or eorrupted blood, you cannot have health ; with that " life of the flesh " healthy, you cannot have scrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is compounded from tho most cffectual antidotes that medical science lias discovered for l this affliating distemper, and for the euro of tho ! disorders it entails. That it is far superior to : any other remedy jet devised, is known by all j who have givcn it a trial. That it does 1 bine virtues truly extraordinary in their effect t upon this class of eompluints, is indisputably proven by tho great multitude of publicly known and reniarkable cures it has mado of the following diseases : King'8 EvÜ or Glandular Swellings, Tumors, Erup. tions, Pimplos, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas, Rose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposits in the lungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Syphilis and Sypnifitic Infections, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the whole series of complaints that nrise from impurity of tho blood. Minute reports of individual cases may be found in Ater's American Alhanac, which is furnished to tho druggists for gratuitous distribution, wherein may be learned the directions for its use, and some of the remarkable cures which it has mado when all other remedies had failed to afford relief. Those cases are purposely taken from all sections of the country, in order that every reader may have access to some ono who can speak to him of its bencfits from personal experience. Scrofula depresses the vital energici, and thus leaves its victims far more subject to disease and its fatal results than are healthy constitutions. Henee it tends to shorten, rnid does greatly shorten, the average duration of human Jife. The vast importancc of these considerations has led us to spend ycars in perfecting a remedy which is adequate to its euro. This we now offer to the public under the name of Ayer's Sabsaparilla, although it is composcd of ingredients, some of which exceed the best of Sarsaparilla in alterative power. By its aid you may protect yourself from the suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out the foul corruptions that rot and fester in tho blood; purge out the causes of disease, and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the vital functions, and thus expels tho distempers which lurk within the system or burst out on any part of it. We know tho public have been deceived by man y compounds of Sarsapariila, that promised much and did nothing ; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointed ip this lts virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there remains no question of its surpassing excellence for the euro of the afflicting diseases it is intended to reach. Although under tho same name, it is a very different medicine from any other which has been before the people, and is far more effectual than any other which has ever been available to them. CHERRY PECTORAL, The World's Great Hemedy for Coughs, Colds, Incipient Conumption, and for the relief of Consumptivo patienta in advanced stages of the disease. This htö been so long used and so univerlally known, that wo need do no more than assure the public that its quality is kept up to the best it ever has been, and that it may bo relied on to do all it has ever done. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Atkr & Co., Practical and Analytical ChemisU, Lowell, Mass. Sold by tü drnggisti evcrywhcre. STKBB1NS & WILSO.V, Ann Arbor, K. 8AMSON, Vpsilauti A.tEWINl}, Deiter, WftEÜDON i HATCH, fbelstR. WboleHaleby KAKKANDSHbXBY S; Co., l)e trolt. C. E. COBl'RN , Travelling Agent. Í ME! WONDEKFUL SUCCESS. jjijT The attenUpn and research of the most d'Stingulshed Chemlsts and Physleians for years have been dovoted to the production of a remedy for ' mostdistresBing maladies Nxuralgia and Kiihcmatiüm. After long study and maoy experimenta, a specijic prcparatlon has been discovered. WATSüN'S Neuralgia ínter Hal ïiemcdy, is curtug thousands of casus whereall other remedies have utterly fatled. We are assiired that it is no mere " ANODYNK," rülieving for the mnmetit whr'tho! cause reraains, bnt ia a perfect ePECIFICand CURE for those palnful disoases. The vast number of Liniments, Kmbrocaiions and Kxternal Medicines, which act as stimuianta of the surface only, are merely terapofüiy in their efFectH and of doubtful virtue The NEURALGIA KING reacheii the souroe of all trouble, and effectually banishes the from the system. Price- One Dollar per Bottle. Prepare! by C. K. WAI.KKR, ly8S7 Buffalo,N.Y.,nd Kort Krie, C. V. THS American Collecting Agency, No, 240 Broadway, New York. of all kinds agiiinst the Genera. Government, State (jvern-ïient, the City , or private parties, prosecuted aii'l collected at my cxpeme andritk Against private parties I postmess superior facilitiea for collecting claims everywhere in th L;nited States and Cañadas, retieviig merchants, assigneeö, banker, andothers.of thecaie and all re8ponsitility . Special attention given to old debtfi, hard cases, di, Torcas, wills, estates, etc. lïeing familiar with all the detailaof the Int mal Revenue Law," I will attend promptly to the colloction of drawbacks, and taxew overpaid tbrough ignorauce of the law. Soldiers' pensions, pay, andbounty secured forthem or their heir.-f. Tor that parpóle, and for prosecutins? claims against tïiefïovernment, 1 hu vea branch oftiev at Washington. No charge madeunlessclainia are collected. AU soldiers diocharped by reason of wounds - however tlie timethy have served - are entitled to (nHundred Pollars Bounty . All soldiers haviugserred two years,ar entitled t the. sume. t. The highent market prici will he paid for floldiers' claimB, and other demand against the Uenera] Government. Tnformation and opinione givpn, and InTtffttgntlOfl rasle witkout cAar',upon claims proposedto be placed la my hands. For narticulars, ddreifi H. HUNTINGTON LEE, 900tf Xo,1iW BroadwHV, N.Y Trussea ! RUPTDRE CAN' BE Cl'RED BY A TRUSS of th rijhtkind.if properly övted arid duly attendpd .to Tbis has been ahundantly drroonBtrh.ted in innúmera ble inatanceí by the unc of Hip Wultlpcdnl Truss of Dr. Rige, dunng tbc Iwt few vfiarm. Tlii TruMi biinpcoveiid with Hard Rubber, is perfectly water proof, raay ht uded n bathint;, ani ih mmtt ckanly ál wêll ii imicetructible by ordinary usaji. lf not fatii factory aftr a fair trial of niity dayt, it may hert torDed. It cballeogís compulsan, with aoy truim Jlr RÏCCS' offloc, V. 3 IunCÍ.AV tri STW Vork. ttStl lili PAIN CURED! RADWAY'S READY BELIEF Is tlu: imi'oruint modicinul curative- for tht im mediale relief uf iho suflbrer- ofati varicties ol i'AWi, ACHKá ainl INFIRMIT1BS, and the prompt cure of tb sit;lc whf'ro I'AIV, eithcr iaternal or esternal, is a conODaJt&Dt uf ib tli.sease, Lhftt hu ir been üi3C0Tr4_ IS A FKVV MINUTES Afler the applIwUon of the READY KFI.1LT UUfnRlly.orltadralntitrtlou, tho patiiüt- sü With tllB mo,t ejicrirciatiug FAIXS, AUHES. CKAMI-S HHKCUATISM NÏÜRAIXÜjr.GOUT, I.UMUAIiO. fEVLK AN'l) AUDE, SPASMS, tOItK. 1HKUAT. INTLÜKNl, DUTHiatlA.CONGKi-'TION' or IN'KLAMMATION, Irill - }oy euflo ivud comfort. RADWAY'S READY RELIEF ■"s ?ilfer '" H'imiiu-ter, OM'! wil iep jvlin yuicJ-, ■Sl" tli-iu all preHUUiiQi ff O:'ium, .Moruhine, erril irin-, UjO!clhlw, Arnic, Vioruin, Chloroform Üt or l'tli-r uiul.T whalevar n.nn.i ditiuguiiíid ; iMthc-r mimeiKi, l'ain KülcTsr.r SutiMng Lotitmi, whiek rairty nttomd) iií ƒ!! of wiu by buouiublnj li iierceptire tieulUoi nd küUní tl.c tuna. Tho uro irlrnini.-tursCliInnilbrm.Oliiiini.i.c , U ronder inicnjbl ihuiierTOi uf porHapptiun- RADWAY'd BKAKT RDJItf the most r-Mcnichting pato,n( securci the [tut the [uil pos.s.ii"n atÜU alisos. TliliU Ule unir rralJf i goiioral uso Uwt will slop pai", K) q'iick. trui U fr rri"n Opium, Morpliilie, or som) ulbor iuJrd dut Lui tful Ij Ihe goonkl heallh. BB WXSE IN TinXB. Gaitrd BiRtlUft -.kuoii. On tü ur-t luiUutloa 1 pui. or uuea-iru-s,, if in lbo WMA'H or BoWU.5, a tcnapMjlu! "f tho KMAHY KEL1KF Irj wla KU-s „f w..tcr. lt ín lbo I.IMUS, JiASti, BKW, THKO.U', CHEST. HA' K, ar porti o tf Wtl). nply Uw KI L1KI' tXTltKIJ.T- Í n.f minufM U iMiíí a14 AUamfmt u'.i c a e. TMs smipli pplictio in lirrik np :i lormidubl iii-:nu. Il II niucL U.1U to prevcut dbeaio lilao tí cure it. WEALTH FOR THE POOR. Mvwi5Ul.Tti tlio workiRg nao'n capit! Th px 1' íír inao can II alloi J lo liMr llio burdns (l.k&fL CENT l'DITI.KlPKl'.AUWAY'Sr.KAI.Y KUIST II li.sick cure hini.piick,an. on .iblchim lo rMuiu hi Uh.iMwïiAol!ii"A li"i- iiscd wliso l'in t- )V4 eiptnicetl. will slop i iuinitdiatcly. Ke-i tbii ltemJf Jwkvstn lbo houd, and us.) it whon you Tcoi piu ; ƒ wi;l iiot lo:e 01.0 d.iy ia a year by sicLnr.i. DirOUTANT TO FARMEMS n'lnthT--,rci'liiiRnsursi'y'--etlWcl.U!tncu,wrir t Is clilllul, to íoaire tlio íc. vkMd oí )hyici. KUAVAY'S KKMlY RtUKV h iuv.ilublo. Il cn U ibÜ" with poilivo vsurauco of il 'u; g".i la H ca wherc pa 'n or düannfurl i.i elporieucMl , or tútt iník 1 INKI KSZA III'fHEBI.l. SORK Tül'.OlT, UB 1 OJil'iUS limlt-FAK-s, BII.KIISCHÜUC. INKLAMMTl iNr Oh' TUK HOWEI.-, STOMACH, LUNOS, LITK.R, KIIÍXK.S, or wilh SMII.1. 11X, SCAltl.CT FEVCIL MEA9Ll!S,TYPH0ID FKVF.R, liUJOU? FKVKIl. fKVili ASDAGUJ?, or wlth NKÜ-RAI.IMA, A' BK. TO. ml.OltKl'X, TOOTHACHK. EAR-ACHK. or with LUHl!.Ui, PAIN' IN' THK BACK or RHEÜMATIS1I, or i ÜlAltKIIOCA, CHOT.ÍRA MORBÜH or Y.-ÍKSTKRT, r with BÜKNS. fCAJ.nS or BUUISES, or rith fT CRaMI'S or SPAÍ11S Tho application of BAlmiH BEADY Ï'.KI.IIT uil! care you of tho worst of UlCl Con I plaiuti in few hours. RHEUMATISM. inuil'"-")'-"'''"' diside h:u baffled thf molt iVilfiJ CÍT'J physicins anl iopular remedies. Uiilhm#. CtP dlffloult of diaeuMS to treat- yt li.iDWAT'l aAé BEADY KEIJEF ha nevur falle. I inffmúj ianjeiiitiM relief totbesuffbrer ; una In all cn of Attit, Iott tmmatory or NerTOOá r.heuraatiim. to tffeet fwnüiuent cure, (tu Wirotiic Khtumatlvn ud Oout, I WAY-S fXEANSlSi SYRUP, olled KmtmUmi MI ro'rotl, shouldbe Ukan ai an djuiict wilU til HJiAUI litUKK.) ACOTE CHRONIC EHETJMATISM. Tho followiDg is writtm Mf thj well k-novrn crrrupia denlof thoNevr York Herald, lndon Times (JnrlaiJ, New Orlcans Picayune, DoJfv, Charleston Hrcurj, lo, i WU. SIDXEY UYERS, ESQ , HAT ANA, CUBA. Haví.ví, Cuba, Jn. 3, llfc Meíirs. Jiadvia'j tf Co. : ÜK.VJZ.KMKN - I bave becn asuflerer rrnm Acutc Oírl Rheumatism ljr tho last twanty yoars of mjr af sufferings duriug ibat period, ucither tongne nor pijn ni expresa. I have spent a liitlo fortuue ou Doctors' billa, wiihoutleriviiKaiiyul)Uuiti;ü bene&l ltecently I h4 onoof my frequent periódica! atmulcs. I was ve.-y Ul for a week, and had liot Blefft an hour at any ona tm. A Spaniáh friend . lo whom I related iny ufferings, tole me he had a reaiedy wbich would givo me relief, an4 be klndly presented me wüh a bottle nf " RADWAY'l 1ÏEAUY RIlLIKF." Alllioogh skuptic! of dtrTn(( iñf dvaotago from lta use, 1 Ihat nigtit applied it trtiif on going to bed, aud, to my great amai-mi-nt, Mi rlieved , and slept suundly. The noli nislit I agaiu kj1M' Ihe Hbady Kguep, and awoke Id llie morning fr4 ftMfci I)ain, having od!t uáed about Imlf the bunio. Heartily do l'rt'lurn vou my humble ctnowl mons for your invaluublé medicine, which wU H called " a"blesing to man." Tbautinit you.fruinmy soul, ixyour won J.erfulriif. I have me houor to my.self, Youi;;, re.-ix'ctfu ly, W. S1D-NEY MYKia. NEURALGIA. (BXQ.THSITR PAIíi,) TIC DOLOEEüX, TOOTH-ACHB, KACKACHE, SHARP SUDDEN PA1NS. Persons suircrin witli Neuralgia cipíri.'DCo thi uu of excruciaMng pain. Tin' paroxysmri aro stuirp, Juddsn, "piüulr)ng, ítabbing, iuduced ioitantly - lito aa electrl bock. MiDWAY'S BEADY RF.I.IEF 3 the only remedy hithertf) known, tluit ill nfford imnifdiale rjiit to thoso who suffer with this torturini? Com. plaiut. (lü 'cases of chronic Neuralgi, th etnoriDg Syrup, calted RENOVATING RKO1.VEST wUI expedito túo cure.) Ín recent attacks, Ihe KtDT KELIFK auplied cxternally to tho parrs where the pan tríket, and a toaspoonful óf KELIK.F to a wine gli of water, when the paroxysuu appear, will effect a car. HOW TO CURE A BAS COL9 IiETWKEN' DËD-TIMP AND SUNKISE. Ifseizod with SORKTHROAT, Iloarseno-i-. fiad Cough, difflcult nroathiug, Heüd-ache, W.terjr Diacharget trom 1 Nose aud Eyes, l'aiu u tbe Hack aud .lointi, te, batho tho 'Ihroat, Chorf, Head and JuinU vritb. Ib iEAUY HEUKF, and m ike a ___ HOT READY RELIEF SLINO, Bv addinc to half a tumblcr it hoí water, sweclen4 with sugar, a doasort-upoonfol of UAllWAY'S BEADT tELIEF aiid drink tliis on golng to be.l. ín ft minutes you WlU porspiro freely, sleep soundly, n4 wako in ihe morning cuffld of yoor cold. (Fronv Oit Chrislian Advaca'e.) " We bcg to present to the renden of the AdmaU the fnllowing lettor addressod to Hr. Radway. Ut tbw afflicted with WEAK I.0MO3 ANDTBRKAIWED WITH JONSUMITIOX. rel The writer, Mr. JAMES SAOK, welt kuowu in MrcuKUXiU a [oo&i bulol-fcccper." MuMpnra, Macnmh Co. , Micli. , Sopt. 4, 1SÍ5. Dr Rai.wat- Otar Síri About four Teart lince, 1 wa vcry much affected with DISKASKI) LUNU My frica4 thought had the Consumptam. I w:u eutirrly unOl Uf buslDMS, raised bloinl, and had cvury jympurn of tb above f:ital dbease . One night, on Boinc lo bed , 1 thuuf hl I would lako u swo;i(, and your Rnr Kauw fin hot water) is ythnulant to iwcat me. It did . The pcrspira'ion was of ;i alimy subsuiníjo, and offonii smell I toltowed lakliig the töuBT Rflit evory otar ni-bt for four wook,and ni the 'nd af tint tiim wts tlrofe! well. Thi is ft truo statement of fjcl-, whici I wül testify to undcr Oiith. Yon. s, etc, ' JAMKS SAUt, ge'1 Hotel, Momphts, lOea, PEVER AND AGUE. A tablespoonful of HALlWAY'S P.KADY BOMJ, 1 tumblor of water, tukeu every inoroing beforo kwtfa.t will i)reveut attiek of Kfver and Apnr, if cipot4 to its malaria, lf seizwl witli thi comjilaint. take th samo SOM, and batli" Ui" llead. Keek, lUndi n 8pine ono hour beforti Ihe ClulN are rxicted ; -th itt break up and cure the wur t form.s ol Agne. ok-R. RADWAY sivey you. for ii crnta.a midleln rïï) V wili rvi) iLs vttloacy in a ir hoiirt, ui PTC SoreyoO' f ol.l rtiiM.-.ctlwt.iinder the ordinary üp-s troatiHiiUt oï ihy.-ir.ian, would lay yon up for dnys, week-i and inonth. l-oe thit every lxil i complete when yon ptlrch i.e, and purchaw nn RK.A[T üKl.IICK HbVb the ik; sirnílí sijïnatur of KAOWAT & CO. Is on the out.-i'le libel. and Ihl' yamnof KADWAT A CO. blown on the Iw f ieh l"ttle. ( iTi-ipoi diiy Dr(tiiiT.- .vn-Tup.E -Krrfrwr FTKRV VI1.I.A41E AND IUW3Í IS TUK ÜNirUlfTATB awd.casadíí. KADWAY k CO.. 8J Halden lane, X. T. For Sale by STERBINS & WILSON Ayer's Sarsaparilla.


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