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PRÏNTING OF ALL KTATDS Njeatly Executed AT THE ARGÜS OFFICE ; WE ÁRE1REPaBED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE o: PEINTING AT THE MOST REASONABLE RATES. We hare recently purchased a BUGGLES 1 ROARY CARD PRESS and hT6 added the lat'st styles of Card Typerwhich cnables us to print INVITATION CAKDS, WEDDING CARDS Y1SITING CARDS, BUSINESS OARDS, &c. in the neateststyles, and as cheap as anï otber houso in the State. We aro alo pre' pared to print POSTERS, HANDBILLS, JBLANK3, C1KCULAR8, JPAMPHLETS &c TIETJE A.Ï2.C3-TJS KOOK BINDERY ii in ch&rge of ÏTRST CLASS WORKMEN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOICS OF ALL KIHDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Mnfaetüred in BEst sttIb at' New York Prlces, Periodicals of all kinds [BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Re-Bound, ■ All Work warranted to give entire satisfaction. E. . PO1YD, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Main & Hurou Sta Tobacco l Tobacco ! I AM SEIX1NG GOODFINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Atfrom Fifty ■cents lo $1 per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, Ik-om ' 1 í cents to 20 cents -per pmmxb at retail, M. DEVANA. Aoh Arbor, Mieh. j Dec. 17, 1862. 883tf HOWAEB ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Blwrurjoflht.VcvvDus, Seminal, Urinarv nd txaal Systc-ms-nt-w and reliable troatjD8nti_m Reporta of the HOWAllI) ASSOWAÏION- Bent bf muil in sealed letter en velopes, free ofchariie A4dr., Dr.'J. SKILLIN HOUGHTO.M, nonti Asocia tton, No. 2 Sooth Ninth Street, Phila., Pa. t)16y 1J THE ALL SUTFICIENT THEES. THE GREAT ÊEMEWÉf Ki;ov.n as "ïlilmlxjlit'a GENUINE PREPARA1IQNS, VI Z.: HELM ROI.D-S EXTRACT ■'■ BTJCSHT," L" " SARSAl-'AlilLI.A, IMPROVEDKUclCW 1 1. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PFEPARATION, "HIGIILV COSÍCEBÍTItA.TKD " . COMPOUXD FLÜID EXTRACT BUGHU, A Poaitive and Specific Remedy, For of the BLADDER, KIDNEY3, GRAVEL AND DROP3I0AL SWELLIKG3 oxc!t"hí "ís;1;,:;;; cz üf f-? HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU FOR WEAKXESSES Arising from Excesses, Habitsof Dissipation Eariy Indiseretion, or Abuse, ATTENDJID 1VITH THE FOLLOWINQ SYMTOMS : Indispogition to Exurtiou, L08SDf po,v,.r,, rfttW& D.mnesa ot Vision, p!liD „ the Bnc, Lmversal Lussitude of tlio Flushing of the Body. IMPOTENCY, FiTÜITY EPILEPTIC FITS In oue „f whicli the patiënt „my exphe. Who can sav a'sea!„.'"'j "'''""yfoUuwcd by -tl-.oüe 'MiicfulInsanity and Consumption Mgnyareawarcof the caue of thoir but plewitncss to th(!U-uthuf theassertion. THE COXSTlTUTIuX, ONTE AF I.;rT!.:l, WITI1 OUÜAMC l-VEAKXES, Req,iireB the Hi.J óf ,„,,],,„„ t„ s(v,„K, he„ anf, S4s% a tnai wm - f Femaies, Females, Females, OLD OR YOUNC, SIN-GI.E, MARKIF.D, ÜR CÜ.N TKUI'LAUXU MARKJAGE, In many affections peculiar to Foniales the Extract exai' í"11''---1"'1 fo'-nllcn.plain'tnètlén t te tío ÍXÍSí i"tu""iaï from lndis" ti"n HMU "c msiDecline or Chango of Lifo. SEE SYJIITOMs .1IJOK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. HELMBOLD'S EXTMCT .BUCÍIÜ CURES Secret Diseases. L feÉ "I"mM ; miIe or ao cUlingü AN"D NO EXPOSITRE. flammatmn, 80 fnv.uent „ this 'el, „f rt Ve, anrt Thousands upon Thousands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF QUACK8, And ho h.-.-re pai,l HEAVY FEES tobe tmVin short time havf i„„nd tbey w.-ru d„-eivc-d,:ind that the ■losnn,bythe use „f "I-nw.rlul Astnnnt.s vateV'd" thC SySfrm' '" brCak Ut h' SRSÍ PERHAPS Afrer MARUIAtE. USE Helmbold's Etract Buchu For all AÉfections and Oiseascs of Tlie TJrinary Organs' Whether exi.iting n MALE OR FEMARES, froni wliatever cause origioating, aad uo natter OK UOW ,(G SI'Wlic. Diseisei of these Organs require the aid of a Dicnsnc. Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS TUK GREAT DIUREriC, Aud it 3 certain tó have the desired -effect ia all Di seases, for whicb it ís reüommended. IÍLOOD ! BLlJÖD l BLOOD! Helmbold'a Ilighlj Concenlfa'ued Cotupound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. Thia an affect:on of tlie Biood, and attacks the Sexuil Organs, Linmgs of the Noae, Ears, Throat Wind pipe, and othcr Mucus Surfaces, making its appearance in tho form of Ulcera. Helmbold's Ext.act Sarsaparilla purifica the Blood, and removei all Scaly Eruptiona of the Skin, givirjg to the Complexión a Clear and Healthy Color. H being prepared expressly fortl2ilass of compluints, its Blood-Purilying l'ropertten Jtrc preserved to a greater extent tiian any other jiroparatiou of Sarsapnrilla. Heïmbold's Rose Wash. An excellent Lotion for Diseases of a Sypliiltic Nature and as an injection in Diseases of the Urinary Organs' arising from liabits f dissipatio, used in connection with the Extraots Buchu and Sarsaparilla, in Suoh diseases as recommeuded. Evidence of the mnst responsible and reliablecliacacter wjll accompany the mydicinoK. CERTIFICATES OF CUKES, From eight to tweuty years standing, with nanieR knmvn to SCIEHCE ANV FAMK F r Medical l'roperties of BUCHU, See Dispensatory the Lnited States. 3 Seo Professor DE WEES' valuablc works on the Poetice of Phyelo. Pee rpinarks made by the late eelebrated Dr Prv srCK, Philadelpliia. " h'eeremarks made "by Dr. EPIÏRAIM McDOWELL a eelebrated l'hysiciau, and McmbiT of tlie lluptfl'ollege of Surgeons, Irelaml, and publiieA in the Irau sautionw of the Kiiiand Queëtl'fl Journal. See Medicn-Cirurgical Review, plibliohcd by BENJA MIN TRAVERS, Fellow of the Royal Colle-e of Sur gcöns. Sec most of the late Standard Works on Medicine. EXTBACT BVOIV, ïl CO PEB UOTTLB, OR s)X FOR $5 00 " SAnSAl'ABlI.Ul CO '■ U r„„ Improved Rose Wash, 50 ' í . g jq Or half a dozen of ea-ch for $1300, which will be Kufflcient to uure ihe most obstinate cases, i' directicns aro adhered to. stiïa'ti'T'1 t0 a"y aIdress' secureI7 packedfromob Describo sym].tcmi.! in all Communications - Curesguaranteed. Advice gratis. AFI' IDA VIT. P(!ionaJlyaíiearedbefore mean Alderman of tic city of Philadel,,hia;il. T. BltMBOU). wlio beine d,,Ksworo, doth s.-iy, hi preparations coutain no narcotic nomercuryjorotherinjiirioiii) drugs, but are purely _ II. T. HELMBOLD ■ Sworn and ubscribed before me, tfefe 28d d.ivol November 185i. WM ,, „,I:I!A,;, ■ ... A Merman, Nmth-tUieet, above Race, l'hila. Addres.sLuttcrB for nformatili m oniidence BEWARE OF BOPlfTBRFglTM AND UNI'IU.VriIT.Kl) DKAI.l:i:s, Who tudcavor to afftoië " Oí' THIÜR 0W ■ Jnd other"aiticl1.sontlleu.putationMtt.iin1.d by ' Heïmbold's (jenuiue l'reparatiojis ' " l'Mract BucImi, " Sársáparflla „ , . . ,, . Iroproved Wasli. boM by all Dniggists ASK FOR HELM1IOLDSTAKE-NO OTIIER 3CH0ÏT & MIL LEK RKriTil, I. üX ÜANn.a theiiold Stand, No. 2, Franklm Block, with tliemostcomplete. assurtmcnt oí' Books and Statkmery? PEREUMURIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SIIADES, liOLLEES, COKDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNIOES, CURTA INS. IIOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offered in tliis Market ! i andthey wouljsuggeat tothoso n pursuit cf ;inythnin SANTA OLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! bypurehasfng Proin t)ü.s sjock, as eac purchaser gete an adíiitional present of.Jcwelry, &o , Ranging invalue írom 0 cts. to $50. Tlicylrüst tlntí (luurlou o-ípurience iusolecting go(Mlsfoi-íIisni;nI..,-i,,;Uj[lst:-ict ittcution to the wants TfCu5tomei-s,may entitle tljem tu a liberal.sliare o, Patronage. i Arm Arbor, Dffi. 5. 1RH0 777 tf THE HEBSL'LION ON HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTÍ1ING, HAS CüMMENCED AT THE OLO & RELIABLE CLOTHINC No. 3 PHU5NIX BLOGK, MAIN St. IA1Ï now opönipg a largé md variad assorfim-ntof Spriiigüiit.iSuunner Goodá, aad in view of the rebellioD on Viighprice.s general ly, will (.!for tbc-m !u my friendo a-ndcustointrii at tho vtjrjf lo'west igurcs for CasH. Thosein want of a superior article of Cluths. Cassiuieres, or Keady-Made Olothing, --.vilj cali . WIH. WAGNER, who has juat returncd from the Kast, with a large aa.sürt inent of SPRiNG & SÜMMER GOODS which have boon purchased atthelate LOW iPlRICESl andcanofler themat aiover figure tlian ever before. Aiuong my Assortment muy be found UROADOLOTHS, OASSIMERES, DOESKINS, VESTINGS bf all rlcseriptinns, teíhfr with a superior assortment oL Iteady-BIadc Clothlng, Mma v mi'RtTNfcg; cakpet bags, 9Eii U.VIBRELLAS, and iij3üei]ilcfflen's Furnishing C3rOOBS, with numeious ötliêr'ariicles usually found in sirailnr est&bliahuients. Asan EMPORTUM OF Ï'ASHION, tlie Miibcrilier gat,fërn Wpjsèlf, that hïs long experience ;inii genéráluccÍ6s,wiII eíJAÍIeüim to give the greatest Batiamtstfon toalhvhomay trust him inthe waj oí EP Manufac turing Graf menta to order. WM.WAGNER. Ann Arbor, Apiil 9tlvl362. 848tf oasEsiMKHmuniiiifr. iWMeHamnwiuniiimiiiii O. BXjISS WonMt.ikc this mi'tl-.nd nf informin'j bis ld friends md patrnnsaml allntlicrs ivlio mu favor him wjtfi their patronage, thathe has greatly eniarged bis Stock and Assortmcnt ! aud having adopted tlio CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BÜYING & 8ELLING sprepared to sell Goods at FtoasoriaPlO Jtnoe(, His Stk onslstsni ot the lohowing: M AMERICAN AND OTHER r Watches ! llÉffe % CVlebratfd 9fc'-íaírTi#!' gË'H THOMAS CLOCKS! Fine,Jewelrj Setts GOLD OIIAINS, TA.BLE AND POCKET OÏÏTLEKY"! Fa7,ors,Shears, Sclssorsantl Rrualies m 'X' " - "■ ROGERS I'LATED WARE, the i best in market, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Peneils, Musical Instruments, St rings Sf Boolis for Instruments, S5 I? 33 O 2? k. ES of Gold, Siher, Steel, and Plated,willt PERISCOPIO GLASS, Persons having diffinult wat.jli.-s to flfcwitk Jasses C)ï"tce acco':0Ule1 s m' ck H lÍBgííauiF com. P. S. iitlniítion tothp HEPA. IH. I 3r E3of all kinds of fine W::l,-}, Bucn :ls Making and Setting new Jewels, Phiiims, Siagi, and CyliniKrs 4ho ira BBterw'r'llfg his '■" sta"J-t G. BLISS. Anu irbor.Nov. 28,1863 ,-)tl J. GREEN & E: BKOWN, lmve pirciwscil tho Floms and Carriageí ƒ 1! Orein "í llav,e a'" fí -"■'■ w.y n,,, ao8ea & cantegK m, t ,? 'eck' 'n 1hl' S!""" BO 11"lt UJ 2S ui .ion ,' ,. .., ,,nilblc tfini3. 'Oall and See! Anu Arbur,Jul;Htl, li-6n. 6taBlY.


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