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Playing Seven Up For A Wife

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Several years ago, I was travehnL up the river and carne to a beautiful plantatioo, the owner of whieh, I was told, won his wif'e by plnying the game called "seven up." The story was as follows : An oid Bouifaoe or tapester, who kept a stuaiï grocery and saloon, had a hnbit of eternally playing cards, more es pecially, ' Seven Up," and betting on the game until he was hard to beat. Scarcely auy man ever carne into his establishment but the old chap challengfd hún for a game. One day, a rich young faimer came into see the old tnan's only daughter, " Kate," and while with ber, the uld man eame up and says, " H i rata, I'll play you a game of "Seven U " - your farm against Kate. If you win vou shall have her for a wife but if I win, ï'll take your farm." The young man declined, said he did not like to play, &c. The old man replied, " a faint heart never won a fair lady," and f Kate is uot, worth winning, you can't have her; &c. Th old man -euoceeded in getting Hpram to play for Kate - she sitting by and watching the game very auxioiü-ly - the father had uve, ,the young man only three, and the old man was dealing after turi ing up, Kate looked in the old mau's hand, uid thun weut and looked at the young man' hand, and seeing Hiraw had low jiiek, w!iisjej-ed in his ear "to heg" - he did so - ttie old man pav hini one, and the result was, Hiram won the girl, and they were the bappiest, health iest and joiliest pair (man ;iud wife) in the country. The old man showered down the winnings apon his daugbter, the young nian was industrious, sober and attentive to bis farm and hoiue. - Propriety, peace attd plenty were his earnings. It is pleasant to go there and see tbeni, and hear them joke about the old man and his game of "Seven Up."


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