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Steam On The Plains--engines Running On The Western Wagon Roads

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The subject of applylng steam por er for the transportaron of freightover common turnpiko roads aoros the plains, has, for several years, been the theme of etudy by various energetic and progressive parties. Tho progress of the various experimenta in approprinte machinery have not been generally known to the public, and on visiting Nebruska City a few daya 6ince, we were surprised to find a large loco motive, sent out from New York for the experiment. The machine mentioned, being the firat one built,' is propelled by four engines of ten horae power each, The cylinders are oscillating, and connect with shafte, upon which are pitiions of twelve inches in diameter, nhich move upon and give motion to wheels, about six ieot in diameter, which aro aüached to the inside of the spokes of the driving heel. The drivers are ten feet in diameter, made of boiler iron. and have a tread of eighteen inches. The wagon will carry wood and water aufficient for a fuur days run. It consumes one cord per eight bours. - The hands reqnired to run the steam wugon are, an engineer, fireman and silot. It is proved to be capable of drawng eight tons of freight up a grade of six hundred feet to the mile. The leaviüst railroad over which an engine las ever passed is three hundred and ifty feet rise to the mile. Tbe treadwheels are ridged to prevent slipping, and the machine is capable of being toppegl or holding its train on any grude. Tbe succe83 of this mechanical production has led to the commencement of a road from Nebraska City to Dener. It is already finished tbrough eocounty, the one in vvhich Nebraska City is Incaled. Through tbat county the road has cost $2,000, including sixteen biidges, and it is e&timated that the entire route to Denrer will cost but $10,000. Three more engines of seventy horse power each are furnished, and will ba sent out soon - probably arriving 'm Nebraska soinetitne in July. 'lhree besidea these, of the aaine híz, will be sent forward by fall. They will haul ten tons of ireight, each, ouo hundred miles per day. The enterprise would doubtless have now been in a mueh more advanced stage had it not been for the massaere in Minnesota, in which the family of one of the managers was cnptured by the Indians. JCST1 A gentleman on a viait to Washington one day very cooly opened the door of the Senato Chamber, was about to pass in, when the door keeper asked : "Are you a privileged member?" (What do you mean by that f" asked the stranger. Thereplywas: "A governor an exmember of Congress, or a foreign minister." The strangor replied that he was a minister. "From what court or country ?" asked the official. Very gravely poiriting up, the stranger replied, "from Heayen, gir 1" To this tbe door keeper waggishly replied : "This government at present holds no intercourse with that foreign power."


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